Thursday Thunder

They don’t do it :expressionless: bit emotional to find this out tbh. Worry about how much i rely on oat milk and spices sometimes.

Just got absolutely covered in beer AMA

What’s the OG of the beer

You’ll have to ask a brewer, this is fermented and racked cask beer with an ABV of 4.2% if that helps.

Bundobust do chai but I don’t think they do none cows

I have 114 pages of my book left to read, need to finish it before leaving for Wales tomorrow as it’s a big hardback, don’t want to take it with me.

  • You can do it!
  • I’m afraid you do not have time

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You don’t actually need to finish it, do you? Unless the book thieves are due to visit while you’re away. And even if you get raided by literary burglars, you could probably source another copy of the book somehow.

It’s got quite a complex cast of characters and a non linear timeline, I’ve already had to flick back and re-read bits of it because I’ve forgotten what’s going on, what someone’s connection to someone else is etc. If I read some other books inbetween I’ll be even more muddled when I get back to it.

I hope it’s @Avery 's turn to cook dinner tonight then!

we’re having oven :pizza::blush:

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It’s ok, remembered walking past a place in kirkgate called miles and co that had a chai vibe to it and i was not wrong.

Surprise work stresss, lots of irritating questions about stuff I’m not responsible for, a request to move over to help another team who are short staffed, no lunch break outside in the sun

Wahhhh. Will have to have a nice lounge about post-work, at least

Afternoon all!

Cleared my desk at the campus I don’t want to work at again and had a coffee with one of my managers; ended up ranting about the recruitment/ promotion strategy of hiring people who talk good games but don’t actually achieve anything and had to bite my tongue when she correctly identified the policy of promoting Yes-Men (-People) without correctly identifying herself as one of the culprits.

I had a mixture of leftovers/ freezer goods for lunch in a style which I’m calling International Buffet Carcrash.

Thai aroy dee lunch deal is so the one.

£8 for a starter and main


Was on a date so kept my phone in my pocket to show I’m not addicted to my phone even though I really am


Say your not happy with the substitution and they refund you some dollar


You’ll get enough of a refund to go buy some allspice. They are absolutely nothing alike


Oooo fight in the playground. One seems to be an adult and the other a teen. They’re both filming it which is only hindering their moves


are you stood round shouting fight!