Thursday! Thursday!


Still in bed and feel awful. Took an ambien after my 1am call as I’d consumed so much caffeine and now feel pretty groggy. Gotta get up in a min, last day in the office before holiday - yay, but a shit ton to do. And my boss is back :-/

Have great days, everyone!


Morning gp. Up early for a run, then a boring old day at work, then off to oxford for the night. Got quite a lot to do today, should get a move on really.


enjoy your run!


ok seriously debating whether i should cycle with the amount of grogginess i feel right now

  • go for it gp, the fresh air will wake you right up!
  • maybe don’t endanger your life

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why isn’t this goddamn poll working, probably a sign in itself of my state


Snowing heavily again here. Thought we were done with all this silly weather.


Don’t endanger your life and get some fresh air.


Today is sort of my Monday as I’m meant to be starting a job but I’ve still not been sent a contract and don’t have a pass so I’ve got no idea how I’m gonna get into the building.

Also turns out I brought two conditioners so I spent ten minutes in the shower earlier trying to get a lather going on my hair before I realised I had no shampoo.

At least it’s not raining here.


good luck carmen!


I was getting all excited for spring and it nearly being bag of cans weather. :frowning:


Morning all! Had about 2 hours sleep in total due to an intense, pretty constant pain in my ankle. As an occasional gout-sufferer that was my initial thought but now thinking it’s something ligament or arthritisy that I made worse by working on it for 8 hour last night. So that’s fun. Day off today at least so I’ll be able to nap and watch some King of the Hill most of the day.


Cheers GP, it’s only a two week contract but it’s a new client so I don’t want to mess it up


Don’t let me forgot to buy/send my sister a birthday card.

Oh might get one of those that fires stuff out of it when it’s opened.


Absolutely hanging


Hello all

Got Boiler man coming to install a new boiler, so we’ll have heating and hot water for the first time in a week. Can’t wait to have a warm shower! Gonna drive back and see my grandparents and pick up a cheque as we live in 1982 apparently.


surprised at this, but i guess the tram it is


What the WTF!!!

For FFS sakes.


Get them to fax it to you?


Can’t get to the job interview I was supposed to have this morning. Probably will be able to reschedule but it’s annoying as I was actually prepared.


All the bike people are in Majorca.

Only the ordinary commuters voted.


Managed to get in by surrendering my passport until the end of the day :grinning: got nearly an hour til I’ve got to be anywhere so I’m having a pain au chocolat for breakfast at the café