Thursday Turdsday

Morning all.

Been up for an hour and a quarter already. On one of those devilishly uncomfortable Pendolino trains to Birmingham. And then a local service to Walsall. It’s the first couple of days of my leadership training.

Coaching and mentoring skills today and tomorrow. Quite looking forward to the material, less so being stuck in a draughty cabin next to the Railway in Walsall with a load of folk I don’t know. Likely to be socialising with them overnight too. Eek!

Whatever you have planned, cool :sunglasses: people of DiS, I wish you a day of merriment and wonder.


Third and final day of Amsterdam workshops. So tired.

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Good morning he2, I hope the forced socialising isn’t too painful.

Going to the library this morning and that is pretty much the extent of my plans for today. Exciting.



Mornin all,

Been up and out for my first run in about 3 weeks, was pretty fucking hard work but glad i went. Now having some tobasco scrambled eggs :+1:

Busy wee day ahead, lots of meetings :weary:


I love libraries. One of only two or three places I feel I can entirely be myself unhindered. Enjoy the trip, FL. Hope you get some good reads.

Also on one of these right now heading to Birmingham! Definitely not designed for people who like to slump in their seats- no chance of me catching up on missed sleep…

Morning he_2 et al.

Got to get deep into working on a strategy PowerPoint today. Definitely going to get sidetracked by making bullet points bounce in and fly around the screen.


They’re hellish, aren’t they? Almost at New Street now, thankfully.

Spinning titles pls


Zoom and spin, followed by a little wiggle. That’s my trademark.


Read that as spinning titties and thought you’d gone massively off brand


And that’s even worse :joy::joy:



Today is my Friday

You’re way ahead of me so my back’s still in reasonable shape at this point. Made the mistake of taking one of these to Glasgow once- ended up standing for the last hour!

Hi att, sorry I didn’t see you there :wave:

Did you get to eat anywhere nice again yesterday?

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Yes, had some amazing tapas thanks! Been a ridiculous week of food although tonight will be airport misery dinner.

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Oof. Mega oof.

Eating all those fancy meals must be exhausting. :wink: