Thursday Turdsday

Also, another thing.

I know we’ve had this conversation before, but…

When a dress code states smart casual does that mean denim is acceptable or not? Is it better to turn up potentially overdressed than underdressed or vice-versa?

Back through in Edinburgh, new group in the training with some potential loudmouths, going to have to reassert my quiet dominance or something.

CBA but can get an expensive coffee/lunch on expenses though so :man_shrugging:

Usually not I’d think, that’s full cas. Might get away with black denim.

That’s my thinking. Have erred on the side of caution. Just feels like a contradiction in terms to me.

Got a meeting invite yesterday where the dress code was

‘smart casual (and that does include jeans!)’

I probably wouldn’t to be on the safe side though


Like this

(Should add, I work from home in whatever clothes I find every single day, so I have no clue what these ‘social norms’ are)


Someone’s just sent in an application for a role my work has going at the moment, and this is their covering letter:

“I want to work from home - remote job. You will send me description of the task for the day via e-mail or skype. If it is not possible, do not contact me. As a christian I will deny to work on projects that promote alcoholism, tobacco, sex, gambling, drugs or other satanic stuff.”


‘That’s a shame, because we really need a narco-porn-devil-worship lead right now’






It is more for R we are going, Thursday they have baby and toddler rhyme time which he likes a lot. We will pick up some books too, though his choices of late have been pretty poor - ‘Dinosaur Pirates’ is certainly not up to the standards of classics like ‘This Moose Belongs to Me’ or ‘I Want My Hat Back’ smh.

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Not that we have a particular dress code at work but you might describe what I wear to work as smart casual, I almost always have on black jeans.
So yeah, denim

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Happy Norway Day WR :balloon: :norway:

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Our plan for the next quarter is to go in really hard for the satanist dollar. They’re really starting to show their wealth and influence as a group, and we’d really like to associate our brand with them.

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Bike is in the canal, I’m on the bus this morning :unamused:

Haha. It’s what I live for! Not going to start on this service’s snail’s pace between New Street and Walsall. :grin:

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Morning gang

Great escape day 1. Eating some (shreddies) granola with fruit and yogurt. Cleaning up the flat a bit after till my pal gets here, we are either going to go for a quick MTB ride before heading into town, or just head straight in to get our wristbands. Hoping to see Bodega and the Oriels and goat girl today, but no idea if that works out from a timings point of view


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Morning team. Successfully returned a dropped debit card to a lady on the tube, good deed done for the day so just gonna act like an arsehole to everybody else. Oddly she was so relieved that she gave me a hug and then in a very British way realised what she had done, looked mortified and then apologised :grinning:


Morning folks. Very nice day down here that I shall mostly be spending packing more boxes. Might get out for a walk and an ice cream at some point.