Thursday Winter Solstice Thread


Morning all,

Solstice today, so it is all uphill after this, daylight-wise. Also, only one day until DiS Secret Santa!
What are we all up to? I am going to my aspie book club this evening which I am disproportionately excited about because I missed it last month. That’s about it.

Have a great day folks :+1:


Morning FL!

Proper effort to drag myself out of bed this morning. WFH to steam Christmas puddings and save travel time to start packing up our house to move. Hopefully the last time we have to pack up our lives for a good few years!


Woke up to the sound of the bin lorry. Shouted “BINS!” and ran downstairs in my PJs to put the bins out.

Now back in bed and watching Christmas songs (Sufjan, natch) in bed with the girls.

Party was fun last night.




Staying with my parents for a couple of days. Always feels a bit strange being back in my home town as I don’t really know anyone anymore.

Going to go out for a run in a bit then going to the theatre to see this this afternoon:


Should note that I’m taking my daughter to see that, and not just going by myself!


That looks good fun.

Awake at 6.15 despite it being holidays. Kids have horrible habit of waking much earlier than on a school day…

Off to the market for cheese and last minute shopping bits, trying to get boys to have hair cuts and then collapsing in front of the telly later I reckon.


Morning morning

I’m off to bed.
What are you reading for your bookclub?


Wrote a really long post and lost it oops. It was a lot of whining about being of work sick and happiness that the days are getting lighter :sweat_smile:


How did your train journey go? If I am rightly remembering it was you who was asking for recommendations for how to keep your daughter occupied.

Enjoy the theatre later, it looks fun. Is it your kid’s first time going, or have they been before?


No book this month actually, it is just kind of a review of the year.

Have a good sleep!


Morning FL and all. The Cribs were great last night, we took along a mate who was sceptical to say the least and he is now a Jarman convert. Way more fighty than I’ve ever seen a Cribs gig, the TV nearly got dragged into one as he was holding back some drunk and violent twat who eventually got kicked out.


Dark innit?


Also, seeing as it’s the solstice today


I laced my porridge with leftover white chocolate chips and cranberries from yesterday’s cookie baking. Would recommend :yum:


The train journey was good thanks. She was so excited about it she got into her coat, hat, and gloves a full hour before we had to set off! Took lots of colouring and drawing in the end, then played on the tablet for the last half hour.

She went to the pantomime with school a couple of weeks ago, but other than that it’s her first time.



Morning. Working this morning

Off to measure up a house I’m helping decorate for a womens refuge this afternoon :+1: I don’t like to mention it though etc

Seeing the TV tonight :smiley: gonna treat us to Tibetan for tea, then pub


good day to you. quite like the long nights during winter, they have a melancholic air i’m quite partial to.

gonna make a practice cake for when i visit the fam on christmas day. multi layered sponger/chocolate/malteser beast. i will probably end up not getting round to it.

here’s the daily larson:


Hello all.

Woke up cursing myself for drinking again as I had a raging hangover but didnt actually have a drink last night. Headache city right now :confounded:

Lots of work to do today, and actually quite enjoyed rinsing through a load of stuff and listening to podcasts yesterday. In a weird way I’m actually enthused again after not doing anything for about 2 months and all the management figuring it out over the past week.


burglar alarm for the shop across the road was going off for over an hour around 4am this morning. so not the best sleep ever.


Where do you get your picture frames? a Christmas help me thread

just went for a hungover blood test