Thursday Winter Solstice Thread

Think I’m gunna be the only person in the office. Will spend most of the day sorting my car insurance and looking at bike stuff

Probs only one of 3 in today with office space for about 30. Literally the dream. Gonna crack on with some stuff. Zzzzzzxxzxxxxxxx

Word. Happy Winter Solstice to all ma druids.

Last day in the office today and feeling pretty pumped. Got a lunch with my colleagues which I will try to engineer towards all afternoon in the pub, followed by all evening in the pub with some chums.

Festive feels off the charts so far

4 days to drag myself through til Xmas. Unfortunately, they’re the busiest 4 days of the year

yes. given that i was woken at SIX FIFTEEN ARGH



They’re not though, are they

no, not really. Hope you have some post Christmas down time x


Good morning world


Feel surprisingly okay after waaaay more pints than I should have drunk last night. At least 6. Maybe more. Penultimate cycle to work of the year today, was quite nice in the drizzle. Had a bacon and egg muffin, going to pretend to do work for the rest of the day now.


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Technically working from home but I’ve just whacked my “set away” timer to 60 minutes and am currently making pancakes.


Christmas day and boxing then 30/12- 01/01 off

I still don’t have my secret santa gift, waaaaa!

Got to go and post a load of stuff today, eugh.

Had some fucked up dreams last night about clowns and shit, but there was a guest appearance from Mr and Mrs @andyvine - my first DiS dream in ages.

crikey, never seen a violent cribs gig. the worst ive seen it was at leeds fest when johnny marr was in the band but that was more laddishness than owt else. when i saw them the other wk it was a proper love-in, best ive seen them, hugging strangers during mirror kissers, yelling in my pal’s face during be safe after she tried to climb on someones shoulders

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tell us about your dream even tho its against the rules pls x

WFH today and tomorrow but going to try to cram it all into today so that I can enjoy secret Santa and looking after my nephew tomorrow.

Nothing like being stopped twice on your walk to your office because people are loving your giant bow and peacock necklace :fire: :ribbon: :nail_care:


It was really depressing so I’m not going to bother.

Yeah it was weird, really glad I was way at the back while the TV was down the front as I had no idea he was in danger of getting a smack in the face and I would have been terrified. Cribs gigs do tend to attract some dickheads but it’s never been fighty, there were just bouncers everywhere last night (mainly for crowdsurfers and people trying to hug Ryan though tbf). Guess it’s people losing their inhibitions a bit on the lead up to Christmas, IDK. The band were on top form though, pretty much a perfect gig aside from that.

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