Thursday Yawning


Morning dis :wave: happy Thursday

Decided to listen to funeral on my walk this morning, those first few notes of Tunnels still do it for me.

Nearly made it to the weekend. Can’t wait to be home.


Word up Tuna.

Jeff Rosenstock tonight, very excited. Interviewing the fella beforehand too.
Working tomorrow while the rest of the company are off for a weekend away in the Ardennes which I won’t be joining them on as I’m going away for the weekend with my wife (my wife!).


Had a dream i got really drunk and was playing pool at 5am and now i feel hungover


Just found out I have to pay over €500 to get out of my Austrian phone contract. Bleargh. Also just missed the metro. This bodes well for telling my boss I’m leaving. Also, vegan brownies. Cba.


Can’t you just throw the phone in the canal and leave the country?



Nothing of interest to say really


My half plan is to cancel my bank account, which I need to do anyway

God knows how much it’ll cost to get out of my Dutch phone contract


Morning/evening. I went to the hotel buffet tonight and must have been the first person in Vegas to just eat a salad. I salivated over corn on the cob and drooled over cucumber. It’s been that long. Then I ate a stupid amount of dessert to make up for it. I should really go to bed as I have to be up in 6 hours to go to Zion.


Why do you still have an Austrian phone contract?


Me and my cat wake up at exactly 4 30 am every morning and I have to pick him up and take him for a pee (I go for a pee too). It’s a really delightful routine we’ve developed. I’m gonna write a poem about it.


There’s roadworks on my street that causing traffic that I’m dreading sitting in and that are going to make me late for work. I am of course putting off leaving to avoid this, making me even more late for work.



Erghhhhh because my old phone got stolen a month before I was due to leave, and I bought another one not realising that it had a two year contract. So I just kept it and still use the number for whatsapp. Basically I’m an idiot who burns through cash due to dumb decisions.


Twins :grinning:


Any minute now


Very tired today. Baby was a dickhead and decided to wake up 4 times last night. :zzz::zzz:

Trying to knock a new CV up. This is the highlight of my day really. :zzz::zzz:



Turns out James is terrible at sleeping in beds that aren’t his own :frowning: didn’t want to sleep on holiday anyway.

Lazy morning and a bit of shopping this morning followed by Musee de la Mer (the local sea life centre) this afternoon.


Worked til 11 last night. Woke up at 5:30 for no reason. Solid meetings from 8-1:30 today at work. CBA.


Zion :heart_eyes:


Morning all. Accidentally turned off my alarm while half-asleep instead of snoozing it so I’m still in bed. I was having a dream where a pirate was my dad and we were in the Indian Ocean on an island where all the working horses were Shetland ponies so I guess I didn’t want to wake up at that point.


I’ve got Rod Stewart’s Sailing stuck in my head. Might just throw myself off the side of the Kitzsteinhorn and be done with it.