Thursday yo

Time to see MINERAL


Alright xylo. Been at work since 5.45. I’m :zzz:

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I should be in for 7.30 but there’s been a fire pretty centrally on the jubilee and I am now what I believe scientists are calling “f’d”

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I love sleep. Why do I keep choosing to have less of it? Bah.

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Woke up at 5.30 because the sun was coming in through the curtains I failed to close properly last night. I’ve done myself there.

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Go out and embrace this beautiful morning

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Early gig, that.

But what a rush!

Went to bed with the kids as we were so worn out. Then awake from half three until an excellent stress dream about driving whilst being unable to brake or reach the pedals properly. Urrrggghhh


Morning all.

I’m out with the dogs. It’s beautiful out here this morning.

When I get back I have to pack the motorhome for the long drive to Newcastle, to celebrate my grandma’s 90th birthday at the weekend.

First up this evening, though, we have the DiS urban planning conference in Newcastle (a.k.a. beers with @guntrip)


Due to height?




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It’s the best Rush “joke” you’re getting out of me at 7.26 am.


Moooorning :coffee:
Loads of scary adult life admin to do today but hopefully that’s a really good thing.
Getting my cast on tomorrow morning, finally.
Not a huge amount else to report, really. Realised I’d bought decaf coffee yesterday but thankfully that’s been rectified now.
Hope you all have lovely days :blush:


Literally the only person in my polling station there. Bodes well.

you should have taken your time with it

had a really normal dream where I could search through facial recognition data from protests and find myself, and I found some images/clips and was like woah I look really pretty! then realised the algorithm had got it wrong and it wasn’t me after all :frowning:


Oh yeah! Gotta do that today, thanks for reminding me eps

I ate a huge pizza right before bed and this is what happened