Some of you have work today, unlucky




This is a very bad bloody Mary, if it’s any consolation


Today ia my Friday. Sort of. I’m off tomorrow but then in at the weekend. Should be a nice easy day at work, although that tends to mean extremely boring. Need to finish my appraisal off though - I’ve got the dreaded “What have been your greatest successes over the past year?” bit to fill in.

Hope we are all prepared for the catastrophic* weather that’s on its way.

*moderately windy and rainy


good morning agpg, jzb, ufx and etc!
it’s a bit WET!
and WINDY!
the first song i listened to today was THURSDAY!
by asobi seksu, not on purpose though!
did someone say bloody mary?


Too ill to go to work again. Feel knackered and chest and stomach are in bits. Had a dream i had a baby though and that was fun. (Probably cos i watched coronation street last night)


This is not on.


Off to the Peak District today for a long weekend with my parents as it’s my dad’s 70th and my mum’s booked a big house for the whole family. Get to meet my newest baby niece which is gonna be great, it should be fun as long as no one brings up immigration or Jeremy Corbyn.


I’m debating whether I’m well enough to go to classes. I think I am but I need rest… :bouquet: get well soon faps


Do your lectures get put up on moodle? I’d rest if they do. Luckily mine are recorded so i can bunk knowing i wont miss out much. Look after your body and your body will look after your brain. Have some guilt free time to yourself :relieved:


This lecture is pointless, I’d just be going to be nice to the lecturer. Gonna read in bed today :relaxed:




Oh and I’ve just kicked off the process of taking my wife’s surname.



got up, said that i could really have done with more sleep and then promptly fell down the stairs, although more a sliding on my arse than falling head first, and only down the first half. scraped a load of skin off my elbow when i caught it on the wall, and when i mentioned this to my wife the first thing she said was “you didn’t leave a mark on the wall, did you?” :cry:


To give you an idea of how out of touch I am, when all those stories emerged yesterday about Tom Watson dabbing in the HoC I was expecting to see him blatantly dab speed on his gums.


Are you still meant to be naked for phone interviews if you’re the interviewer?


Oh Theo.


Morning all. Have a lovely time in Berlin @Aggpass!

Got absolutely mullered in this biblical storm this morning, should really not have cycled to work.

Watched The White Ribbon for the first time since it’s release last night. Still very unsettling, still very oppressive.


The ultimate undoing of the human race will be our inability to learn that going straight to the pub from work without having any tea is A Bad Idea.

Send help?


Illness has gone up a notch - not helped by multiple pints of Cwb Tropicana last night.

Getting it together to drive to work to get my computer, then home to WFH (sit on the sofa doing the absolute minimum of work whilst watching the OJ Simpson doc and the drama thing