Almost made this the Friday thread, my wonky head sets me up for disappointment on a weekly basis.

What you up to? Any exciting weekend plans?

Fingers crossed my leftover house from a previous life will be sold on Friday and instead of being crippled by that debt I’ll be crippled by a new debt but on a shorter term basis, ha ha. Good to leave that all behind though.

Got a big clear out of the flat planned this weekend. Also hopefully meeting a uni pal at the weekend along with her husband and her dog, Olga - all dogs should have human names. I really wanted to call mine Steve but alas my slightly more sane TV won out.

Day off. Bike ride. Might be shorts weather?

Had a really shitty day yesterday so I hope today is better.


This basically. Naff day yesterday. Bike ride today.

good morning smcs, pn, jb, rt and to all the sleepyheads out there :sleeping:

Looks like a cracking day outside :ok_hand:

(feel a bit nervous about it for some reason cos I’ve not been out for a bit and I’ve managed to persuade some club folk along)

Oh, I’m gonna find this one tough. Not sure how far I’m going, but 30 miles is tough enough atm. Have a good one, you’ll enjoy whilst you’re out

LOOK AT HIS WEE FACE! :slight_smile:


Good morning DiS! Looks like a great day outside. Got some work to do but might go for a morning stroll beforehand.

Also, our new neighbours have a dog! Exciting! I think their yard is too small for it though.

Day 4 at home with a sick 3 year old

…and it looks suspiciously like she is developing measles

: (

so bored of children’s TV

Interview number 2 of 3 this week. Cba with it after having a mild breakdown twice yesterday and crying to my lecturers and having a proper mental wobble after having minimum sleep. :expressionless:

Morningmorning Mr Shinymcshine :slight_smile: all I hear when I read your posts now is Aidan Moffat to the beats of Cherubs, it’s a really good thing.

I am in total agreement about dog names. Mr Steve would have been a winner for me…

Hiya @Mistersteve I had to do a wee bit of research into who the hell you were (I’m no columbo, I just checked your profile) because me and the tv have a friend called Mr Steve and I wondered… IS THAT YOU?? Answer: nope. Amazing story I’m sure you’ll agree!!

Plans are shower, breakfast, coffee… etc etc etc. Might wear dungarees again today :fireworks:

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On an earlier train, 8 o’clock train people are not my people

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Today is my Saturday.

Off to the airport in a few hours for a long weekend in the Netherlands. Going to eat so many poffertjes and chips.

Cracker. Looks a bit like my dog actually.

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Morning DiS!

Today is my Friday as I’m off to Edinburgh tomorrow to visit my sister for the weekend :slight_smile:

Taking the car in for it’s MOT shortly before manically trying to tie up any of this weeks work related loose ends.


Morning! Was looking like a gloomy day when I got the train this morning :cloud: but then the sun came out :sunny:

Happy Thursday :slight_smile:


Morning team,

Tis a lovely morn in glasgow.
Busy wee day at work and then i’m getting the tux on as we’ve got a table at an awards shindig this evening.

morning scumbags!

It’s gorgeous here in east northants! Might go for a run today

Morning all. Kicked off today with a climb. Going to see the first half of the Harry Potter play this evening with the TV. Could normally take or leave the theatre but quite looking forward to this.


haven’t been to the theatre in years, sounds like fun!