Hello everyone. I’ve been up for a couple of hours- my body clock hasn’t adjusted from returning from Japan yet. Went for a walk to see the sunrise, bought some chocolate hobnobs from the shop.

Got to sort out loads of photos today and call my phone company to find out why I suddenly have a two hundred pound bill for using my phone abroad when it was supposed to be covered by a travel bundle. Apart from that I’m kind of in limbo. Staying with my mum, and all my stuff is in boxes. Applied for some temp jobs yesterday, and feeling like today I’m going to have a massive purge of my stuff seeing as I can’t actually remember what is in half those boxes.

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Welcome back.

How was Japan?

It was great, although spending nearly three weeks on an incredibly low budget needed a lot of careful adding up all the time. Basically I couldn’t really afford to go, but I won the plane tickets and 5 nights in a hotel and had to use the prize within a certain time, and then with working out the train pass and logistics of seeing loads of places, 17 days was the best length of time.

Eating in restaurants as a vegetarian there is very easy, but supermarkets are very difficult if you aren’t totally literate in japanese. Even knowing the basic letters won’t help you, there’s a list of 1,000 kanji people have to learn to count as being able to read, and most stuff is labelled with those. Google translate have a new photo app for reading text, but it’s hopeless.

I got incredibly sick of these instant kitsune noodles:

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This morning’s view:


good morni :ng:


Tim Kasher tonight. Woo.

Feels like the universe is smiling on me this week. Managed to blag an appraisal goal that I’d completely forgotten about twenty minutes before the actual appraisal. And I’ve just found a good deal on a second hand bass cab that I was struggling to find in stock anywhere in the UK.

Going to be late for work but it doesn’t matter because my boss is on holiday.


Hi DiS. Welcome back @_Em
Still oop north. Working at my dad’s flat while I await news from the estate agent. He’s working from home as well for like the only time in his life - got a load of calls I need to take over the course of the day, so I’m feeling unreasonably put out by him being in his own flat!

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I’m stood in one of the accordion bits between train carriages, being thrown about because it’s either that or stand near people.Today I have an all day training thing then have to go across London back to my office for a work quiz I forgot to decline then hopefully back home in time to see a friends band play.

Yesterday saw slowdive they were pretty good but the audience were terrible, constant churn of people pushing to the front going back to the bar and to the front again.

Good morning all,

After yesterday’s trip to Cardiff ended in becoming a trip to Bristol, it’s back in MK this morning to see what havoc has been wreaked in my absence yesterday. Thankfully avoided having to go to Derby today. That would have crushed my soul beyond repair.

Early finish though at 2pm.

Morning all. Wb em.

Spent the morning on the phone to my mobile provider who have said to call them back in 48hours :expressionless:

Going out to a see a mate’s goth post-punk techno band tonight…

Morning all

Have been spending most of the week sorting out a colossal mess that a colleague left before going on a week and a half’s annual leave. With any luck, today should be a little less intense.

I’ve got my daughter’s school production this evening. She plays a monkey and a ship’s rat, and according to Mrs CCB (who went to see the play last night) she puts her full enthusiasm into both roles (including nearly pushing other members of the cast off the stage when she’s chasing them). I’m slightly terrified of what might happen tonight.

I am having a truly awful week.

(>’-’)> there there

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Morning all.

Got a new neighbour who apparently works nights, he’s turned up at 5.30am the last couple of mornings in a car that sounds like a tank and it takes him like 10 shunts to park it - waking everyone in the process. Sort yourself out, mate.

My colleague’s last day today so she’s bringing in samosas and etc :smile:
(Still gonna get treat myself to a bacon and black pudding sarnie from the canteen on the way through though)

I’ve literally got no work that needs to be done today so I can enjoy the last day of having a full-time colleague (for a while at least), although the boss is coming for his fortnightly visitation later so I might need to look busy for a while.

Just to say that I’m very much enjoying:

  1. @bamnan’s album (LIFTL is a particular highlight so far)
  2. @ma0sm’s work on various boards this morning

Decided to quit drinking and smoking for a bit a few weeks ago and realised this morning that I’m feeling the happiest/healthiest I’ve felt in years. Funny what a small lifestyle change’ll do for your mood.

Will probably be back on the Carlings at the weekend, though.

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Think I just walked past courtney from last year’s series of the apprentice on tower Bridge #london

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Love it when provincials come down to London and get all overwhelmed. Hope you have a fantastic time, mate!

M&M world won’t know what’s hit it


Morning all :kissing_closed_eyes: and welcome back Em!!! Can’t wait to rummage through all your Japan pictures!

Today is my Friday!! Tomorrow a friend I’ve known since school is getting married here in Edinburgh sooo… tonight I’m finally going to drag the bf to come see Get Out with me and I am :fireworks: excited :fireworks:

I may need some advice with the outfit for tomorrow. I have two options, the first is a navy dress which is very flattering and I love it but some might consider it a little… boring? The other option is bright, BRIGHT red with a giant white collar that is covered in embroidered flowers. I can’t decide whether it’s pretty or totally hideous and it kind of reminds me of an irish dance dress :confused: but hideous or not, I think it’s cool and a little different.

SO options are… I wear the blue dress, the story ends. I wake up in my bed and believe whatever I want to believe OR I wear the the red dress, I stay in Wonderland, and Morpheus shows me just how deep the rabbit hole goes… erm.