You're gonna love Get Out :+1: and surely this is what polls are for with your outfit dilemma?


Morning everyone. Welcome back Em!

Really achey from last nights five-a-side so didn't go into the office early as previously planned. Things have been fairly busy this week whilst my boss has been on her hols. Looking forward to a relaxing swim this evening.


Thanks mate, really appreciate all your support, you're very kind :slight_smile:


Not a shit or boring answer, but it is Scotland so the weather will undoubtedly be terrible. They're having it in a hall so I don't need to consider that and both the dresses are pretty breezy anyway :smiley: As I said to JI... the answer is BOTH dresses. When the clock strikes 8ish (when I presume dinner will finish) I will rip off the navy one to reveal the bonkers red dress amongst a large flurry of fireworks and confetti! :confetti_ball:

@wizardlizard see above :slight_smile:


Link to @ma0sm's work.

Is this because he's stuck at home thanks to this?



This is now the cylone thread.


i vote for this one :+1:


hello all, and a warm welcome back Em :slight_smile:
busy day ahead and might go and see get out later, but i might not, maybe i'll wait till the weekend.


Yeah, everyone sent home, everyone's already told not to go in tomorrow either. Lots of rain.

Also I left a bucket outside overnight and this morning it was full of water :astonished:




So that's how all the supermarket trolleys end up in the river


The only explanation


Seems like more than a small lifestyle change, with a predictable result. Well done though!


Yeesh :grimacing:



I did see on facebook that former DiSer @OceanStorm had gone to Hamilton Island at the weekend. I hope he's okay, and that we can joke about his username soon...


Last posted on 27th March :worried:



you do make a compelling argument :slight_smile: