It is Thursday, isn’t it? I’m 80% sure it is.

I got into work half an hour early again and there’s nobody around to witness it. Ffs.

What has Thursday (I’m pretty sure) got in store for you?


so long as we all know you got into work early Eps


feeling very fresh in light of m y contuned exercise and cutting out midweek drinking. why didn’t i start doing this years ago?!


You should send a few unnecessary emails around so your early arrival is time stamped. I’m on the early train for my weekly training thing, on the bright side this means I can get a McDonald’s breakfast


Gonna take a slow walk to work and listen to some music and it’ll undoubtedly be the best part of my day. Got 8 weeks left of this job and dunno how i’m gonna do it.




Because years ago you weren’t so wet



^this :slight_smile:


Happy Wednesday everyone!

I smashed it at work yesterday which means I can ride a wave of my own excellence today, after which I’m going to a Tiny Rebel tap takeover and eating fine, fine chicken.

Party on.


Desperately trying to sort my house to move but got a bit drunk yesterday as one of our drinking buddies (who is 69 heheh) is pretty ill so went to meet him.

Got the desks and computer to take down and that’s pretty much it but I’ve been doing it since 5 :confounded:


party on 83746725


Roads were deserted this morning. I’m at work nearly half an hour early as a result. Not got much work left to do today after getting an unexpected offer of help for today. Gonna go and have breakfast I think and roll into the office slightly late instead.


Hullo. On the way to get a tooth yanked from my mouth. Will spend the rest of the day at home writhing in agony probably.


good to morning everyone!


Morning all!

Feeling good with my cup of tea but feeling annoyed I’ve fallen behind with exercise this week due to work :sob: @lo-pan is giving me the exercise guilts with all his good work.

Going to see Life later on, has anyone seen it? It looks like it’ll be shite but I’m hoping still half decent? Someone confirm this!

@cutthelights Good luck! it’ll be fine. I’m going to the dentist today too! Dentist buddy.


I can confirm that it does look like it’ll be shite but might be half decent :slight_smile:


Thanks pal! :slight_smile: good luck to you too, make sure you brush your teeth right before, that oughta fool em


AND floss! Don’t forget the flossing.


Need to get up.


Got a job in Trier for the summer so that I can learn German. Getting a grant from the EU to do it lol.