I’m surprised there’s not one already.

*Opens the window*

Go on, off ya pop my pretties… fly… FLY!


Today’s mood:


did your bf film that this morn?!


I slept for eights hours and woke up tired. Gonna get myself a posh coffee as a consolation. V dull work day ahead.




DAMNIT, you beat me to it.

Morning wicked witch of the west and etc. Nice day out isn’t it? Slept through my alarm to go for a run though, idiot


A likely story.


“nice”? NICE??? Where are your vocal cords, man?


Y’olrigh’? Just gonna listen to DAMN. all day at my desk I reckon. Sister-in-law’s birthday today, I’ve bought her these adorable salt and pepper shakers:


It’s sort of chilly here today, but there’s a hint of rain and wet grass in the air, which made me think of GLASTONBURY which is VERY SOON so I’m MILDLY HAPPY.


It’s Hitler’s Birthday!

Anyway, hello all.


She prefers Nicole.




He doesn’t look a day over 128


It’s my sisters birthday today… :confused:


on so much medication, my immune system really really can’t cope with stress. got a gum/jaw infection and a massive blister on my cheek and I feel like shit. my exams start in a few days :cry:

gonna just lie in bed reading what I can and not worry and look after myself (hahah impossible)


Woke up at 5 am, couldn’t sleep. Had about 4 hours kip I reckon. Absolute zombie.

Today is not a good day at all. Help me.


OMG, I love a novelty cruet set! My cousin bought a friend one quite similar to this but nicer (If you can believe it) and I was JEALOUS.

I’m also partial to a novelty jug. I’ve got a koala that vomits water out it’s mouth. It gets used for various whisky clubs and the appropriate sound effects are essential when pouring.


From a work email:

As we go-to-market

The point where your random management speak has to be written down and you realise you’re ungood at English.


I have really lost my interest in reading and I’d like to know if anyone has any proper good gripping books I can read. I want to be able to pick it up and like it straight away.

I have started a podcast called S Town and omggg it made me cry a lot this morning.