This is the thread for Thursday.

Hello CCB! How are things? I am super tired but just ate a tonne of breakfast so already feeling better. Working out of the office this afternoon which should be fun.

Hey- things are good! It’s a … Well, you know what kind of day it is. Sun is out, it’s pretty warm.

Sadly I’m in the office all day :frowning:

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Merry Thursday. It’s grey out west. Hope everyone’s having a good morning thus far - I’ve already done a quarter of my work for the day, but will still probably end up finishing it at 9 tonight because time management is hard.

Focus on the first bit :smiley:

Sun is out here but it’s freezing. Hot next week though I think!

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So tired. Slept through our first alarm this morning.

Hello. Today is a day.

Can’t wait to get home and finish reading my MRA textbook.


I assume it only got better from where you left off with us last night?

hello. got woken up by a phone call from the rozzers. now drinking coffee and dreading work. like dread like fuuuuuuuuck. one month left, i can do this :dizzy_face:

It took a really weird turn into explaining the difference between simply ejaculating and “coming”.

The next section is about the required male role in “courting”. Cannae wait.


Morning team. Seeing our 13th house tonight :dizzy_face:

To try and instill some enthusiasm I’ve bought these Daisy de Villeneuve cushions for my wife to put on our hypothetical brand new sofa in our hypothetical new house:


Morning CCB and others. Weather’s lovely here.

Went to bed at 2.30ish after doing about 5 times my normal work output yesterday. Probably shouldn’t have taken this job given the time I had but need the money really and I’m taking the rest of the day off once it’s finished soooooooo

What’ve you done this time?

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Also, quick question for people in London - where is a really nice place to drink lots of different nice beer near Soho/Hyde Park?

it’ll be near Soho/Hyde Park


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It’s global bike to work day today.

I’m having a coffee.

Second cushion is wrong:

(Edit: They are actually nice cushions)

heyooooooooo! just had to give a statement about seeing someone get their phone snatched yesters.