All downhill from here now, days getting shorter and nights lengthening, autumn just around the corner.

The Day Today is Thursday and I am into work early again. Slept like a grasshopper on a trampoline, but leave at 2pm today, so not the end of the world.

Might take the opportunity whilst the kids have their swimming lessons to have a dip myself this evening. And then see if the boy wants to watch Chile vs Germany later too.

What does your day involve, chums?

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Today is my Friday.

Been awake since just after 5, because a magpie thought it’d be a fine time to practice his machine gun impression for about an hour.

Feckin birds

Morning both!

I’m child caring all day because I’m not at work until 3.30. It’s my last night class this year and the last remaining student has agreed to come in early. Hopefully I’ll be done by half five.

Something something took her out something something shit on my windshield.



Just gonna plod away at work aren’t I.

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Just heard the first rumble of thunder so :crossed_fingers: its the end of the :fire:.

Woke up to an email to find out I’ve been allocated £600 of tickets for the Commonwealth Games in Australia next year. Being able to go to this involves enacting a grand plan of quitting my job, selling my house, going travelling then moving back home. Looks like I’ll definitely be doing that then :open_mouth:

Back into to the office today to find out the fall out from last nights teleconference where our US ‘collaborators’ dropped an absolute bombshell which might mean some of our jobs are at risk.


This is exactly what happened to me too.

We’ve had a pair of magpies fighting each other at 5am for three days of the past week.

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Just had a big rumble of thunder here in MK.

I do enjoy a good thunderstorm. Of course, they’re usually best at night, but can’t be too choosy, can we?

WFH. Clouds are looking ominous.

It is my birthday. Going out for food with family tonight, nothing else planned.


Many happy returns!

Hope you have a lovely day :slight_smile:


HB siπ


Off tomorrow to move house if everything goes to plan. Won’t believe it till I’m in the bastard place, christening the various rooms in increasingly strange ways.

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Had a huge midsummer party at the office last night, drank a tonne of schnapps. Feeling a bit slow this morning.

Can you name one of your favourite things please? :smiley:

Today is my Friday. Done here by 3pm I hope. Then cooking up a BBQ I reckon

Another day, another interview.

@keith and @gonad gave me some good advice so am feeling ok but also terrified.

The teachers at my placement school didn’t grade me as well as I thought they should, should I challenge them or think bugger it I am out of there and noone cares or looks at this stuff anyway?

Got an exam in a couple hours

What’s it on?

Good luck with the interview!

I’d say there’s no harm in getting feedback (ugh, hate that wording, sorry) on why you didn’t get graded as highly as you thought you should have done - at least you’ll know a) their reasoning and b) whether or not upon reflection it is fair.

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