Decided to give this thread it’s eponymous title.

Which is the best eponymous album? Or for the grey cells this morn…

The sun is up, there is a slight nip in the air (inappropriate Pearl Harbor jokes not welcome here, thanks all the same Ms Morris) and I am awaiting the train after a pretty wretched and exhausting dream that I am finding it hard to shake off.

Today I have to do more benefits work, I have to finish this blessed methodology document and then early finish to collect the kids from school. Then swimming, and prepare for camping (only 2 days hence, now)

Anywhiffles, tell me - and the DiS community as a whole - all aboot what you guys have ahead.


Had a mere three pints last night and now I have a massive headache. Wtf.

Train to work today cos I’m potentially picking up a second hand bike this morning. Whoops.

As for best eponymous album… I’ve no idea. My fave is probably Foo Fighters (lolllll)


Which idiot booked herself an 8.40am visit to the doctor?

me. I’m the idiot.


On the bus right now, did a heroic 6min for what is usually an 11min walk without actually running or jogging (just a lot of long strides and I probably looked v strange). Here’s a cat photo from last night, they really love this Morrison’s bag for life even though they have perfectly good cat beds. Also this is basically cat corner, behind them is a cat magazine and my other cat’s brave heart award (aka the ms word art certificate the vet gave him in 2005 for being the best patient that month when he got an amputation :laughing: )


Eponymous album, can only think of gorillaz right now


I had a similar thing yesterday. Three pints on Tuesday evening and felt rough af… Is it age!!!

How many bikes will you own by this evening pniks?



I’ve got a long day of copying and pasting today. Well, it’s about an hour’s worth of activity, but it needs to last all day.

Today is my Friday- Yay!
I’m doing 7 in a row from Saturday- Boo!


Morning. The best eponymous album is the third album by the Velvet Underground.

I didn’t have anything to drink last night, despite the fact that my partner’s parents came for dinner and wine. Yet here I am, feeling decrepit first thing in the morning. I may as well have downed a shiraz bottle last night.



It’s Weezer by Weezer, obviously.

I’ve got a several hour long one on one meeting with a colleague who deeply irritates me this morning. Cannae wait.



I’ll have three, but if I do end up with it I’ll have to get rid of the current bike I use for my commute.


I’d probably say Mayhem - Dawn of the Black Hearts


i’ve been getting silly hangovers after only a few pints. i switched from lagers and ales to rum/southern comfort/JD and mixers and it seems to have gone away. also don’t feel as bloated or groggy during the night itself so i’m more fun to be around.



Got to get out and stake up my tomatoes this morning, then working this afternoon. Yoga this evening.

Where you camping @he_2? I am going to take the kids in the summer, should be good fun.


i’m applying for some jobs. i got an interview with a couple of places after having submitted identical covering letters to them. as long as you include key words like “liaise” and “communication” and “interpersonal skills” they don’t seem to care do they.


it’s my first free day where I’m not looking after someone or moving house or taking international coaches for over a week so basically everything I was meant to be doing

@jazzballet why and how are cats so perfect


Yeah I have rum and coke now with a splash of coke, don’t get hangovers. Do get two hours sleep though which probably isn’t good for me


Went to bed at 11 last night but woke up feeling completely knackered. Got half a pot of coffee on the go. Doing more dog editing today. That’s all i got for yas.

REM - Eponymous


We’re headed down to Dymchurch, on the south Kent coast - me and a friend are taking his and my kids (four, in total) just for the one night - but if all goes successfully, it will pave the way for more trips away and nights under canvas.

It’ll be my first night away from home that hasn’t been work-related for nearly 3 years, so I’m probably more excited than they are.

Have you decided where you guys are off to?


Exactly the album I had in mind when I started going down the Eponymous route.


i’m lucky, when i’m on form i can sleep like the dead