thanks as always :slight_smile:

one of my favourite SFA tunes, will listen in a mo x

also nice daft punk t shirt again :wink:

fingers crossed it lives up to it!

that was bloody lovely

aww, you’ve made my day x

gonna pop this in here because this no context quote made me laugh


I ate a whole baguette at lunch time

Lovely sunshine one side of the building and the other side looks very ominous

Both my bosses have gone to the pub. Theyve left me a total doss job for the afternoon but said dont worry about finishing it. I should just go home right?

Got embroiled in a thread on my industry jobs board of loads of older white men complaining that theyre discriminated against in this industry. It’s amazing.

Bloody hell im seeing city of Caterpillar later, da fuq


Go home, ysc

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4pm is a bit of a pisstake. 5.30 ahm oot.

I’ve just slept for 2 hours listening to the ps4 menu music. Very highly recommended.


5.30 seems like not enough of a pisstake. Go at 5.00.

I’m sneaking off at 4.30-4.45 today - no boss.

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Freelance though innit. Dont wanna risk not getting paid a full day.

ah fair enough.

It’s dead good, that

woo 4 tracks done! Good work this week bamnan.


nice. download the journey theme, it plays music from the game. so soothing.

i’d fucking love a smooth dart right about now