Hello it’s thursday i am face-meltingly tired. HOW R U


Big fruity bastard.

Can’t decide if this looks nice or a bit disgusting. Anyway, this! Currently being shovelled in my mouth. Morning!


I’d happily eat that! It looks great!


Morning ssf, witches!

Lots to do today, posters and reviewing included. Heading to a jazz gig tonight so I’m really looking forward to that!


Morning all, I was going to make a plum cake but all my plums have gone off. Bloody hell, plums. On an unrelated note, I’ve been up since 5:20! Hope this isn’t setting the tone for my day, though I do feel oddly chipper.


that looks tasty Witches


Ooooh plums.


And a very good morning to you all,
Man, no drinking, exercise and healthy eating really does make you feel a whole lot better/sharper. That being said i cannot wait for a wee drink after work the morrow.

Have started watching Fargo, it’s fucking great!


I’ve got a feeling that both you and I have posted this exact sentiment multiple times over the years!


Why haven’t quotes worked here damnit?


Looks like a creme egg on top


G’morn. Got nothing to do today. Welp.


It does!!! Alas for it is sadly not :sob:


good morn.

i am also the tired.


I have phone calls I need to make. Eeeurgh.


Morning all

Got about 45 minutes of work I need to do today. A further hour or so of work I need to do by the end of tomorrow. And about 2 hours of largely unnecessary meetings this afternoon.

Can it hurry up and be Friday plz



Operation sort out a hire car and find things to do with an elderly immobile man in rural Wales should be go in approx half hour once I have showered and drssed.

Slept badly as am already planning my classroom displays and kept thinking about them…



My new telly has arrived. I think it might be too big.

Wfh, and really tempted to send out a few emails and then have an impromptu day off but we’ll see.


no doubt about that ma man :slight_smile:


How big?

I am sure ours is too big, but then I play Zelda or watch a good film on it and think it’s good. Think ours is about 50 or something idiculous.