Good morning! It’s going to be freezing from tomorrow I’m not ready hbu


Conference, flight, home, sleep. Hopefully in that order.


Good morning jazzballet, epimer

I still haven’t found my gloves so I am NOT ready for freezing.

Keep waking up at around 4:30am, it is rather annoying.


Sounds like you need


Well, if Gloveman could find my nice rain-/wind-resistant gloves I would be appreciative :slightly_frowning_face:





Fuuucking hell

Cbaitis off the charts


I think he’s busy opening the batting for England


Morning! I seem to have picked up a cold from my children :persevere: but I seem to have got through the sore throat stage during the course of the night.

Today: the usual. Tonight: making two dips and a marinade.


Woke up for a couple of hours at half three; feel awful this morning.

I want to be in bed before 10 tonight.


Windy out innit.


Urgh, cba and still in bed. Got a huge amount to do today and my day is being disrupted by a data protection workshop (yawn). Got a training thing this evening that I’m choosing to do in my spare time, what a weirdo. Hope everyone has a better day lined up than me!


Off work today. Got up at 6am to catch a train to Burton on Trent to get a bike fit. Then im gonna cycle the 90km home because it’s looking like a lovely day out there (if a bit breezy).

The man Sat next to me on the train has two smartphones and he’s still printed out a little map of the route to his destination from ‘’. It looks like he’s walking about 5 minutes as well.




Got up too late for brekko :disappointed:


Morning chums,
Still can’t taste or smell anything. Getting a bit annoying now.
Got the day off before starting a set of nights, going to be :snowflake::snowflake: so not massively looking forward to them.
I feel like I should do something amazing today


Daytrip from Leeds to London. Gonna spend about 5 hours on trains all in. Yay… And my train out has been cancelled so I no longer have a seat reservation. Thanks, Branson…


If I don’t end up back in bed by 11am I’ll be very impressed. :beers:




Loads of flooding up here yesterday, loved ploughing the car through the standing water - nice wee bit of gambling on my commute. Fuck yer “cold” lads.