It seems like insurance companies still have to allow for the following combination to exist:




New car eh Theo?



My car says it’s -2 degrees this morning D:

Good to see that life’s treating you well in Australia, Theo.

I’m WFHing today. Might get a few errands done at lunchtime.

Bit concerned there might be ice on my ride to work :thinking:

Hopefully not.

Nothing much to report today. Got the flat to myself tonight so probably get a pizza. Any supermarket :pizza: deals on anywhere atm???

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About to drive into London - pretty glad now that I bought some de-icer the other day as my car is looking :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:

Was pretty cold on my walk home from recording last night. Got a feeling it’ll be icy underfoot on my walk to the bus.

Finally got paid at 00:01 today. I actually have money again. Sweet relief.


morning everyone!

Just sitting with a coffee and a hot water bottle listening to a podcast

M and S Tory pizzer and prosecco for a tenner

Morning everyone. Got our 16 week midwife appointment early this morning. Then nothing for the rest of today. Part of me is wondering whether to pub around Southampton or stay in. Also home alone tonight and will probably go up a pizzer

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Love the sound of people in the car park scraping ice off their car whilst I’m lying in bed and snoozing, all toasty.

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actually screw these rich elitist self-indulgent podcasts like 99%PI & TwentyThousandHertz, glorifying capitalism and companies like apple. It’s all so safe and pointless

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Got good news Bam, we recorded a new MueseuM EP last night!

I hope the drawing is going well homie!


Normally my car is kept in a garage but as it’s currently full if builders stuff I need to scrape today.

Sorry that sounds very Tory.

awesome, can’t wait to hear it!

Yeah it’s @Aggpass’s turn right now

It’s our scariest yet! Must do the cover art and then it’ll be out.

Oh, DiS’ very own Sheffield Earl!

can’t be scarier than some points in the last one…actually maybe that was more harrowing and tense.

Interesting, I thought he was a mega London from the looks of the pic I’m doing

Morning lovely DiS!

It’s the TV and I’s first wedding anniversary today, so I’m in a pretty good mood! Going to continue wandering around York eating lovely food and drinking wanker beer. Might go to the Viking exhibition too.


Morning. Wfh. Gd.