Hello friends, a series of bad decisions has led to me being in the office at an ungodly hour so I’m making my first ever daily thread!

Talk about the things you want to talk about in here if you want.


I was awake at 4. Xmas party today. Just wrapped my Secret Santa presents. I was roped in to organise the party and I am very nervous about the proceedings. Venue choice was not popular. I’ve set a special company themed crossword for people to do today though! :confused:


People will moan about anything, I’m sure you’ve done a stellar job and that everyone will have a fun and nice time.


Just to say that I have high hopes for this daily thread.


Thank you for your faith, I hope it is rewarded


Good tidings on your first daily thread. I went to see a Star War at midnight and I still haven’t gone to sleep. Work in 2 hours.


It’s normally at this juncture that I post a nice picture of the Fen countryside.

Happy Thursday everyone!

(NB my phone suggests “filth” after I type Thursday. Might be time for a hiatus…)


Hello fellow tired man! I was on a coach from Manchester to London which arrived at 0620 and am now at my workplace on what can only really be described as “very little sleep”

I hope you enjoyed the Star War, I am going tomorrow at a normal cinema and to the IMAX for it next week so I won’t ask for your thoughts for fear of spoilers.


That looks like the cover of an album I would have listened to half of in about 2008


Hiya Ant :wave:


Hello Matthew! What does your Thursday have in store?


Just dropped the TV off at the station and the car park has turned into an ice rink. Did a big skid myself and saw several near-misses Stay safe, DiS!




Morning! Nothing to report really. Have the work Christmas party tomorrow, they told everyone to bring their partners which everyone will be doing except me apparently, not sure how awkward this will be, especially as I’m new and don’t really know anyone :exploding_head:


Morning all.

Daughter was in her Nativity yesterday as the donkey. I didn’t remember how integral to the whole story the donkey was, and it was a joy seeing her trapse Mary and Joseph all over the place on the way to Bethlehem.

She now wants to be a donkey for Christmas Day.


Hi ant!


This is heartwarming and beautiful


Im at work today until 3:30pm then Ill go home and have some tea.


We could all chip in for a smokin’ hot escort? You could sashay in there with some hunky arm candy and burn that God Damn work Christmas party to the ground.


Hello Jordy Num Nums. What’s going on with you?