I’d hate to see a 1.77 metre tall penguin

I just got a first like for a reply I posted in September 2016 :smiley:


Late night last night - went to the Hammersmith Apollo to watch Nativity! Was quite funny and the kids loved it, so was well worth the wonga.

Today, drived into work, which was quite nice. Kids’ Xmas Play at school this evening - then home for an early night. Man is tired.

What roles do they have?

Hello, friends!

Today marks the real kickoff of WR’s big pre-Christmas bonanza (as per this thread). I’ve already got a cold sore, so that’s a good start.

Nice and snowy here atm, really hoping it lasts the weekend as the alternative is just sludge.

Bought a very politically correct Christmas present for my niece and nephew yesterday: A book about a mermaid and a hulder who fall in love. It’s super nice and well done though, so the whole “being different is good” vibe is literally just a bonus.

Genuinely touched by mine, prolly the best secret santa gift I’ve ever received which is odd to say about a doormat :grinning:


What’s a hulder please?

Female forest creature


Thanks Ruski


Hope this wasn’t because of my terrible emoji bands


Sorry Meo - this is just generally unacceptable behaviour all around. :frowning:

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Son is Aladdin.
Daughter is Mrs Abbott - an exaggerated caricature of one of the teaching assistants.

This raises a number of questions about the plotting in this performance.

It’s been firmly kept under wraps until I see it this evening when, I’m sure, I’ll end up as utterly baffled as I am aleardy.


Alright gang. Off today. Had a good lie in, 4 crumpets and a couple of cups of tea. Waiting for a delivery (fuck Yodel) then off out Xmas shopping

for some reason my brain thought this was a seagull and i was like ‘jfc that’s terrifying’

oh no wait it’s a penguin ‘aww… cute’


What’s in the delivery and do you know what you’re getting for the Xmas shopping?

yeah i’m not really into star wars either


The delivery is a wooden storm lantern for my sister

Have rearranged the delivery twice for today, bad phoned up customer services to ensure it will be delivered today. Reckon it won’t be though. Apparently their system didn’t update my requests. Pricks.

Need a Cath Kidston cowboy changing bag for the TV

There’s an outlet down in Portsmouth that might have one, otherwise no idea where I’m finding it in time for Xmas, and 2 bottles of nice wine for my grandparents.