How are you pals? I have a long day ahead so obviously going to waste most of it on this fine board.

I’m in work an hour early for tedious reasons. Skipped breakfast AND coffee to manage it.

Going to go see what the canteen breakfast is like. I’ve worked here two and a half years without knowing, so I’m worried this is the beginning of a very slippery slope.

Oh my god it doesn’t start till half eight.

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Happy birthday, @Jeremys_Iron! Hope that you have multi-tiered birthday cake.

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Hardly anyone at work today and I’ve got loads to do.

Tonight I’m taking my 13 year old nephew to another gig. I don’t really know anything about the band and I could fo without it. But it’ll be nice to see my nephew.


Feel really spaced out today.

Did an online food shop last night and all I seemed to buy was a lot of different foods that qualify as breakfast items.


Thanks man! Got pretty freaked out for a second there and then noticed the cake :grinning:


Today is sort of my Monday and Wednesday. Not officially back to work until tomorrow, but got a course this afternoon in Southampton.

24 week midwife appointment this morning first.

Havent even got work today and I still cba. Soz @plasticniki and @aboynamedgoo but i wont make burrito club :scream:

HB @Jeremys_Iron :birthday::confetti_ball:

Off to the library in a bit, that’s about it for the day.

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Happy birthday, Onions! Morning, DiS.

My eyes really shouldn’t be open but I’ve got a boiler service this morning. Bed. Tea. Book.

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Today is my Friday (Pretty much though need to do some work on the train today and will probably reply to a few emails tomorrow).

Travelling back to parents in Yorkshire, which means Uncle life and dog walks :slight_smile:

HB to the big JI

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HB jeziron!!!



Morning everyone!

Daughter’s got a chest infection again so hopefully it doesn’t turn into pneumonia again!
Vegan shit is going well - Made some clearly incredible meatballs. Seriously, so good. Picked up some Gosh stuff which was pretty tasty too as well, so that’s making things easier. Going to try and make a vegan haggis tonight, happy Burns Night!


This sounds like you’re suggesting this is a problem but to me it only sounds like a solution.


It happens every time. I am incapable of buying ingredients for any meal past 10am.

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HBJI :tada:

Unless some work comes in today then I guess today is my Friday. Got a ton of admin to do today that I’ve been putting off so it’s gonna be a dull one.

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Home today :frowning: via Austria though so imma get SO many treats. Slovenia has been amazing, one of the most naturally beautiful places I’ve ever seen. And everyone we’ve met has been super sweet and friendly despite us knowing fuck all Slovene. Would recommend this place to anyone.


What band? Even if you don’t like them, you’ll score at least 5 Cool Uncle Points.