Today I’m off to sunny (?) Birmingham to play in the European penoid championships tomorrow. Expect many* photos of the inside of a large conference hall over the next few days.

What are you lot up to, then?

*maybe one



Managed to successfully negotiate a decent price for skimming our lounge with (what I now think I can call) “my plasterer” so that’s nice, we don’t need to do any fucking sanding and filling which is total bullshit, and he’s gonna do it tomorrow. Result.

Um, not much happening in plasticland really.

Going to the physiotherapist. Very little planned after that, except possibly pancakes.


Oh wait, that isn’t a euphemism is it? Have fun. I guess next time around they’ll have to play the European championships actually in Europe and you’ll have to get strip-searched on the way through security. :frowning:

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Wondered why I’d got so slow on my bike - realised it wasnt my brakes rubbing slightly, actually the wheel rubbing massively against the frame. I need a competent adult to tend to my mechanical needs.

Morning! More training today, product knowledge stuff I think which might not be too dull. Really just enjoying being back working tbh. That won’t last.

Oh! This is not the cycling thread

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morning DiS,

Got a meeting at gleneagles this morn so that’s a rather pleasant way to start the working day. Just back in from a run which was pretty fucking hard work.
Quite a lot to do today actually.

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Got vaccines and dentist later :neutral_face:

Got about two minutes to decide if I’m going to make it into work or wfh. :thinking:

Heading to Edinburgh, had an unnecessary extra drink of gin, lime and soda at the end of the night was has done me in.

Didn’t have time to get a coffee this morning either.

WFH, done.


Have been in the office for 2 days in the last month :open_mouth:

Yeah but you’re leaving soon, the fact that youre even doing any work should be enough for ‘them’.

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Can you tell that to my boss please

Yeah, we’ll find out this weekend where it’ll be held next year. I was quite looking forward to have an excuse to jet off to some exotic European city, then realised that since they need a space that’s big enough to fit 1000+ nerds playing with tiny plastic spaceships and children’s card games it’s inevitably going to be in some conference centre in Dusseldorf or something.

I feel so sorry for the security guards at these things. So many cosplayers with weapons…

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Y’olright? Would like the work day over as fast as possible so I can drink sludge beers in my favourite boozer and yam some burgers at meat liquor later :beer: :hamburger: :crazy_face:

The TV started having contractions last night so that’s hopefully happening today. Having a mild freak out and cleaning the house while she rests.


Wahey! Good luck to you and mrs scorpio chief!

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Morning all.

Today is my Friday. Tomorrow I’m sodding off up to North Wales for a week. I have so much to do before I go but can I be arsed? Can I balls.

Hope you’re all well.