Good morning, how are you all today?

Going to go register R for pre-school soon, which feels odd that we are at that stage already :grimacing:



morning FL, rich

it is :hotdog: :hot_pepper: :hotsprings: :hotel:

:sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:


Nothing to report.



Here it is currently :cloud: :cloud: :cloud:, will possibly be upgraded to your conditions later.

Hi Epimer, bye Epimer :wave:

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FAO of @laelfy


Alright :flashlight:, :moneybag::tea:, j and the :monkey: :monkey: ?

Off to Camberwell again to watch those proud lions roar tonight. Selfishly looking forward to respite from slipped discs and chores if only for a couple of hours. Quite tense in the Iron household, slipped disc is making it difficult to bang so not much sexual relief without resorting to onanism.

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Ga-url :grinning:

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Good grief what an update


It is Thursday

if people haven’t read yesterday’s evening thread they are going to be fairly confused


You chose to unspoil those spoilers pal.

I’m getting about nervous about getting Princess now but I’m sure it’ll be fine. I’m just worried she’ll die shortly after coming to live with us!

In other news: BF is out tonight watching football so I will go gym and to pets at home to get some supplies.


One of those days where I leave Brighton and it’s warm and sunny, then I get to work and it’s cold and cloudy.

I’m in a good mood though. I got a couple of cds through the post yesterday, and I had a good play around in Ableton last night and I’m very happy with the results, so it’s all good. The other half is out tonight too, so the track I’m working on will be even better by tomorrow.

Good point, out of context that vocaroo could be construed as fairly sinister/creepy! :grimacing:

I’m a nosy bitch what can i say

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should have started it with “aaaaaay” to remove any confusion

Morning :wave:
It’s my birthday :birthday: so going out later for :pizza: and :beer: Just got to get through a slow day at work first!