that confused me a bit


when you say looking after, did you just find him outside a shop?


would anyone like to go on a two hour round trip to get me some doughnuts?


He’s inside the shop! He tried to drag the sign he was tied to away to find his owner. She can keep him, ungrateful fucking nuisance!



:slightly_smiling_face:I’m flying home tonight
:sleepy:I’ve got to do a day in the office 1st, and I wont be home in b-town till Friday
:relieved:Will be having a nice hotel brekkie in a bit
:unamused:My guts are very keen to get back to eating normally
:stuck_out_tongue:Got a couple of dates lined up this weekend
:face_with_raised_eyebrow:Coming home to wind and rain will be annoying

My team won the team build last night, and I’m now the proud owner of an orange Dave and Buster’s shot glass



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POTW Vote 23/11/2018 - 30/11/2018

The strain on his face makes this look like an enormous guff.


i have no idea of the scale of this dog


i’m going with .5 (or one half, if you prefer) of a clifford.


:sparkling_heart: yesterday went as well as it could, didn’t cry during my speech
:sparkling_heart: officially on my weekend
:sparkling_heart: payday tomorrow and I managed to save some money this month
:poop: sleep pattern is out of whack, keep getting up at about midday
:poop: mum is in a terrible mood which stresses me out


Well, I’ve had my jumper on backwards all day.

Fuck’s sake.


first pic looks like it could be one of these

second pic one of these


I’d say approx. .2 (1/5th) of a Digby.


Exactly in between.


Bald men are so good for cutouts




Really glad to hear this, I’m sure you did brilliantly Dingers.


Ok my dudes,
Getting ready to catch a flight to London :scream: Belfast international is a horrific airport though which sucks

Nearly a year since I was last in London. Gonna examine all the colonial plunders in the British Museum which I feel a bit bad about (but not that bad). Just really want to see the Elgin Marbles

Anyone have any recs for bookshops in that area? Or anything weird happening in Cricklewood?


If you’re at the British Museum you’re only five or ten minutes walk from Foyles, which you can lose yourself in for hours.


The London Review Bookshop is just around the corner