Day off today but my week is all out of whack cause I had Tuesday off sick so now I’m all confused. Might just read all day.

Today I learned that the hybrid petrol station/car parts/American sweets/sit-in café place that I drive past every day on the way to work does not, in fact, have a customer toilet. I was quite surprised to learn this, as I had assumed that with the café they would definitely have one.

Under the circumstances, it was not a particularly pleasant surprise, if I’m honest.


Got a call from a recruiter at 8:30 and it’s put me off them because who does that?

Had a nice lie in this morning cos I’m off to see the new Lanthimos film after work. Only just found out he didn’t write it though, hmm.

That’s late for a recruiter.

They are both good answers. I abstain from voting


I’m on a train. Listening to the Beths. I can’t complain

Got my new headphones through and also my new rashies. GREEN which is like an actual colour so very unusual for mens’ ones. Plus a zip up hoodie version, again not something mens’ rashies seem to have.

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Oh shit.

tl;dr – we’re predicted to win on the weekend. No pressure then…


wtf is “rashies”?


rash vest

Morning all,

Difficult night, my son woke up in tears because he thought his teacher was going to be angry with him for waking up in tears. Took a good hour plus to settle him back down. He looks absolutely knackered this morning, dark rings around his eyes.

Last office day today of the week, a few minor bits to be done. And need to book cinema tickets for tomorrow. Then, nothing tonight.

He’s gone native.

Calton Hill or Surgeon’s Hall, weather dependent.


i hope he never comes back

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morning all

first day back at work today after being in hospital on Monday. so far not overly confident I shouldn’t have had another day off, but we’ll see. not like I’ve been lined up to go over to visit a client in Canary Wharf on my first day back or anything either… :frowning:


Feel a bit sideways this morning. The past few nights Jimbo had got up in the night and we’d put him back to sleep. Last night / this morning he woke up at about 5, so I’ve been up since then.

Did the pub quiz last night and did averagely, so there’s probably a bit of hangover in there too.



Things you wear that stop you needing to put sun cream on. I assume your cycling gear is similar stuff much thicker