For the spreadsheet: I havevgeard of rashies.

Got a cold and sore throat. Going to make a big batch of lentil sausage rolls later

:grinning: Have we got a POTW nominations thread for this week @whiterussian?

My mum has never left voicemails - “I don’t like talking to machines” :man_shrugging:

got woken up by the postman early, went for coffee, did a bit of shopping and now I’ve gone back to bed, as is the style.

the postman delivered me a powerbank/portable battery thing. does everyone have one these days?

  • yes mate, how could you wait until 2019 to get one
  • what’s a powerbank

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Have one, rarely need to use it, but it’s good to have so I don’t need to worry about it.



Got one in my stick bag for away from power, phone sapping emergencies. A sound investment.

I only use mine on BBRs


Just had the most galaxy brained response to an ongoing issue. Spoilering because it’s fairly nerdy and boring.

Me: We can’t send emails to this address because our DNS servers are resolving the SMTP address to wrong IP can you update our DNS entries so they point to the correct IP address of the SMTP server

IT: The issue is on the client’s side because we can send emails to that address but they’re not received

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Jimmy Floyd Powerbaink


Depending on which tongue you read it in?

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Yes I have many because iPhone batteries are shit

i got one for xmas. I haven’t used it yet but it’s mostly going to be for travelling/holidays

Went training this morning, did a sick ankle pick to arm triangle transition on the same guy 3 times in a row. Also completed a no gi bow and arrow choke for the first time in agessss.

Getting a train to bham in a bit, definitely going to fall asleep on it.

It’s coming! Or anyone can start one right now if you want

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anyone fancy a burrito in clerkenwell this lunchtime?

happy burritoday :partying_face:

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you could put some candles on yours

I don’t mind starting it up - dated from this Monday to the coming Sunday, right?

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