Never made one of these threads so thought I’d go for it. How are you all? I’m a bit drunk still :no_mouth:

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Morning @theorist. Had grand plans to get outside climbing with a pal but it has rained so I’ll be mainly climbing inside, playing Resi 2 and working on music.


Having a nightmare trying to get out of bed

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Morning. Think I picked up a virus from sick people at work. Spent most of the night sweating and shivering. Yay.

Getting to work is going to be a total pain no matter which way I do it. Can’t really justify working from wfh for the third day in a row.


Morning all.

I have a day of long, tedious meetings that have the potential to turn ugly so off course I decided I needed a hangover as well. Cheers for that, nighttime colossalhorse.

Hate that guy.

Going to a gig in somebody’s living room tonight as well. There’s a good chance I’ll find be found catching some sleep in a corner at some point. I don’t have the stamina for this anymore.

Hope you’re all well.

But… Junction 14! And Junction 11!

I can probably get someone to block your driveway in again if you like.


The Milton Road/Green End Road temporary traffic lights have absolutely absurdly fucked up the traffic.

I should really get the train. But… effort.



Just handed Jnr a tablet and a bowl of milkless cheerios so we don’t have to get out of bed yet. Both on screens lying under the covers. Peak parenting.

Was going to take her to see the giant straw pig and dragon in town but not got enough money for the bus there so a looooong day of being housebound ahead.

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Genuinely thought you were surreptitiously drugging her and I had every sympathy with you knowing how often I’ve considered it with my two…



Swimming lessons with the boy


This shall be the day of the Thor my way.

It’s a bit windy out there isn’t it?

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Morning Theorest et al

Opened the bathroom door this morning to find it was windy in there because the skylight had blown open, which was a nice wake up call having gone in there barefoot and only half dressed.

Had pencilled in a bike ride for today seeing it wasn’t meant to be raining… but that is a lot of wind out there.

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I forgot to set my alarm and I have only just woken up. I’m not going to rush in though, yesterday was my long day and i feel shattered.

Have to go to the office but I really don’t want to leave the house or talk to anyone today

Stil half asleep, poured hot water on my weetabix instead of my tea mug.

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I’m in Airdrie :no_mouth:


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It’s not a great start to the day I’ll be honest