It’s my wedding anniversary. I didn’t think we were doing cards but we’re doing cards.

Anything happening in your life?


Happy Anniversary!

Are you hurridly making a homemade card with lined paper and a biro?


WFH , not started yet

Happy anniversary.

A shit day at work as usual but have a Piroshka gig later tonight. I’m off tomorrow and so today is my Friday. Hooray.


WFH. Started at 7am. Urghhhhh.

Happy anniversary @keith

are you supposed to wish other people well on their anniversary? feels weird. its nothing to do with me? (HA K!!)

i have nothing going on. might get coffee.

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Feel the same way about birthdays tbh.

yeah I guess

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She’s working this morning so I’m going to nip to the shop and pretend I had the card all along.

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No need, that’s plenty of time for PVA glue to dry. As long as you’ve got some macaroni and card in you’re fine.


Happy anniversary @keith and Mrs @keith!

We’re getting FOURTEEN DEGREES today. I don’t think you can really understand the sheer spring euphoria of an entire country of vitamin d deficient cave dwellers with seasonal affective disorder. It’s beautiful. Plants are finally turning a bit green again as well :seedling::herb:


It snowed a bit in brighton last night

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Very broken sleep last night. I am not in any fit state to face today :disappointed:

The first song I listened to today was Get Busy by Sean Paul so I think it’s gonna be a good day


Train and bus to work today as I’m heading into London for a friends bands gig after work.

The connection between the train and bus was perfect thanks to a bunch of kids sprinting out the station to the bus stop. If they hadn’t I would have dawdled and missed it. Knackered now.

Weather is shitty. My mum is popping over and we’re off to rhyme time. Don’t know what else to do really

Spring weather has definitely disappeared again for now - back to winter coats :frowning:

Gig tonight though, got quite a few good ones already lined up compared to previous years so that’s a v positive. Otherwise idk? Conferences all day today, probs gonna nod off

Happy anniversary Keith, Morning all,

I’ve taken #treatyoself to a new level today. I tend to avoid using pain killers, because, well, I tend not to be in pain, but on this of all days, I’ve decided to have a double dose of Co-codamol. It’s not so much that I’m in any more pain than yesterday, more that I saw an excuse to hit some of that sweet sweet codeine and grabbed it. Update fans might be keen to know, there has been very little change in my condition overnight. I woke up in slightly more pain, but that was more that I’dn’t had any water in 7 hours. My tonsils are still speckled with white and it still hurts to swallow.

Can anyone remember what my actions were from my meeting on Tuesday?

We were meant to make a frittata for lunch, you know the one, but we didn’t. doesn’t matter for me so much, but that poor gnome…

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got given 2 loads of work to do by end of Friday. in a meeting all day Friday :expressionless:

I’ve found a way to help. I’m boiling two eggs for that gnome to sustain herself on. I’ve also packaged up a selection of fruits for her, but that’s par for the course

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