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Time to listen to the Monster Mash on repeat.


My niece is dead excited about dressing as a Witch and going to the Halloween party at the complex


^ the only good thing about Halloween.

Its pay day, spooky where all the money goes.


Anyone from your work dressed up?

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Horror show of a start to the day, as someone insisted on watching Made In Chelsea. I’ve been barricaded in the kitchen for the sake of my soul.

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Want to go to some sort of horror screening later but my frightful friends ain’t reply. Rude.

Though she was upset my sister brought a witch costume because she thinks ghosts are more spooky.

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last couple of years I’ve bought a bag of sweets in case some guisers come round but none ever do and i just end up eating them all myself so probably won’t bother this year

Got a happy haircut planned for lunchtime. And seeing Charli XCX again this evening.

Morning Vampires and Zombies!

Got the morning off to do half term childcare, so me and the boy are off to Pooh Sticks Bridge, which seems like exactly the kind of father-son bonding activity you might read about in a Nick Hornby novel.

Step one - getting him dressed. Not even the prospect of wearing a skeleton outfit is working at the moment though.

On holiday from tomorrow until the 11th. First proper break since coming back from my pitiful paternity leave in late June and I really need it.


I hope you have a lovely relaxing break (as much as you can with a tiny person!) and lots of quality time with your little family :heart:
You deserve it! :kissing_closed_eyes:


Maeva was snogging Miles AND James(:face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:)on a night out, New Freddy was talking about his love of Tweed and your favourite Mark Francis was complaining about being invited to simply awful social events.

god it’s terrible I don’t know why I watch it

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Supposed to be seeing The Melt Bananas tonight but I was so tired yesterday that I don’t remember going to bed and was still fully dressed when my alarm went off this morning so… we’ll see.

i don’t know what most of that means. All I want to know is, is my man buying me a yacht yet?

they’ll definitely wake you up.

I skipped the leeds date because the last couple of times I’ve seen them it’s been the same (admittedly incendiary) set and they’ve not released any new stuff I don’t think so that was my lame excuse. (real reason : I am old and lazy)

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Are we having a pumpkin thread??

Anyway, just v glad that it’s half term Halloween as being in school with all that excitement and trick or treat chat is not fun.

Feeling v tired and teary tbh mates

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I avoid watching any classics from the 80s/90s because they are usually actually terrible and usually very problematic. Let me know how you get on.

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