Sorry to hear you and @plasticniki are feeling that way.

I’ve only just recently got back to feeling a bit positive about work but I’m also aware that I spend most Januarys wanting to quit my job and then it lifts in Feb.

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Close but not so far

Massive Cba today. I didn’t get home until 930 last night in bed by 1015 and I’m extremely tired.

I was considering doing a sicky (which I’ve never done) or just take a short notice day off. Instead I thought I’ll go in late, then I started feeling guilty about it so I only got a ten minutes later train.

I’m not sure I’m going to complete the day at work.

• it’s my Friday
• playing a very good gig with one of my favourite bands later
• didn’t really sleep and feel very odd indeed

Omg! We’ll be seeing Carly Rae Jespen in 10 hours, @Gnometorious!!


SDC 4 B.


Broke me bike on Monday so it’s been train all week. Delays every single day both ways. How do people not go mad?

Edit: this is now the broken bike thread

Morning lads. Wearin my fighting boots. Going for a few bevs post work as it’s my bday tomorrow.

Hope everyone’s days improve x


Great mug.

Thanks. It was a gift from my inlaws. I feel comforted just using it.

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Went to see a really great play last night at the Scottish Youth Theatre put on by a care experienced theatre company, really recommend it to the Glasgow crew. Also had a very amazing plate of pasta at Sugo.


You need to choose someone less villainous to represent you then (or I’ll make an exception for you)

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Wardrobe fitters were due at 9.00. It is now 9.17.
They will arrive:

  • Before 9.30
  • Before 9.45
  • Before 10.00
  • Before 10.30
  • Before 11.00
  • After I’ve had to leave for work.

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I’m a pessimist though, don’t take my vote seriously

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This would be my expected arrival time too.

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Into London for a meeting.

City Thameslink the destination.

Well, train wise that’ll be the final station.

Listening to mid era Scott Walker.

The meeting is about Junction Margins in case anyone is interested.

I’m assuredly not.


looks like it’s all sold out