🗓 Thursday

Going to pinch punch first day of the month everyone i can. How is it that 2020 felt about 3 years long but also feels like it didn’t exist, but the first half of 2021 has disappeared in a blink 🥸


Morning Avo.

It’s school winter holidays here (two weeks) and to finish off the first week my wife booked a little place about an hour from us on the outskirts of Melbourne (Wood End if you want to GMaps the place). As this is my week to work while my wife is off for childcare they drove up this afternoon and I was due to join them tomorrow afternoon after I’d finished work.

Except, except…complete powerloss at the property apparently and there’s no option but for them to drive all the way home. :sob: My daughter is obviously deeply unhappy about this and frankly yeah, very shit.

(Also means I don’t get an evening to myself which TBH I didn’t know what I was going to do with but it’s nice to have every now and again, innit?)

Got my second jab last night, so if anyone pinch punches me on my left arm I will actually cry.

Time’s gone really weird hasn’t it? My life is basically this now:


I feel like there should be some incredible outtakes for this scene.

Morning all :wave:

I’ve managed to catch the cold that has been working its way through the CCB family. Currently on the sore throat stage. It’s not a pleasant one :face_with_thermometer:

More WFH today. This morning I’ve booked into a training course that I really feel could have been delivered as a handbook we use when we need to use it.

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How is it July?

Been awake since about 4:30, urgh. Mainly reading, just put some washing on, about to have breakfast. Life eh.

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Morning all!

I’ve been tasked with collecting some turf Wor Lass thinks we need from Gumtree.

I’ve been up since 5.45 watching the Shrek Xmas shorts with The Child.

I often get frustrated with this sort of course material, yeah. Maybe I’m just more of a reader than a watcher or something?

Well, it’s about conducting investigations (as in disciplinary ones). It’s not something I’ve done yet, and it’s not something I’m likely to have to do just yet. So I’ll do the training today, and then forget what I’ve learnt, and then have to find a “how to do a disciplinary” manual if and when I need to in future.


Morning :avocado: and everyone else who posts

I’m out of isolation and the sun is shining. Today is a good day (so far, at least - ask me again once I’ve logged into work)


Morning all! It’s sweaty.

This looks like a very breakable world record

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July! So torn. The first 3 weeks of this month are going to be so hard and stressful starrijg tomorrow and I’m so over it already but the last week is my weekend away WITHOUT M and seeing the TV. Hope the first 3 weeks go fast, last weekend goes super slow :snail:


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Famous last words.

Tomorrow morning your family will find you drooling in madness as you keep trying to stack M&Ms…



I watched Shortbus last night, second time I’ve seen it (first time was probably about 14/15 years ago). Wayyyy better second time around, very funny too and I fancy Jay Brannan again.

Gonna make an omelette then head to Superdrug and buy me a new trimmer.

Haven’t posted on the social board in ages - hi!


Great day to come out of isolation! I mean I suppose any day is but it’s sunny at least :slight_smile:

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Having breakfast, then going to see the horses. That’s about it.

Have a good one @avocado and everyone :sun_with_face:

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Pumped for 6 more months of this bin fire of a year :partying_face:


Happy July everyone!

Plan for the next few hours:
Breakfast - bike - bath (probably a shower actually, but alliteration)