Thursday πŸŒ„ πŸŒ… πŸŒ„ πŸŒ… πŸŒ„ πŸŒ…


Been up since 5 - stupid work stress is meaning I’m not sleeping well. Still - last day today then 17 days off!!! Already been for a run , breakfasted and watched some TV. Might as well get to work and get it over with, eh?

What’s going on with YOU?


I am bitching about my work live stream with my mates on WhatsApp


Green Man day!!!


Got a stiff back, perfect for camping in a Welsh field. All packed (I think) and getting off in half hour or so


Yes mate!

How does… How does a peak rate ticket cost 2.5 times the standard cost

Β£26+ for a ticket that normally costs Β£10.55 :tired_face: jesus!! I don’t mind paying about Β£30 for a peak rate travel card, that’s only double the price and you can use it as much as you like. But a fucking London Terminals return??? My GOD

I think I just became an adult


Potentially horrible day ahead with a dentist appointment followed by a possible ECV at the hospital. Urgh. Definitely going to eat a cake after all that shite.

A peak ticket to London from here, a journey of less than an hour, is Β£72 :grimacing:

And that is why almost everybody drives.

Particularly when you multiply those prices for a family, just becomes extortionate.

Anyway, MORNING! off to the seaside in Wales for the day, can’t wait.

Have a mega time @rich-t and @Tuna
Reckon I might get there next year…

Get yourself a whole mega brilliant cake @plasticniki
That is also my advice for any baby nonsense once it arrives, tea and cake :cake::cake: Not made by you though. :star_struck:


Think peak return Readng to Paddington was like Β£50 for half an hour (obviously work paid for it but still)

Im on the instant coffee. Did bring my V60 and hand grinder and my brother has some stuff but cba.

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No time for that now surely?

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Might loosen up the stiff back

Jesus :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:


Today continues the ongoing game of "Rob is woefully under packed for his holiday, how long can he hold out before he goes to a shop to buy something waterproof ". At least today was meant to be wet, which means the plans we’ve made are indoors.

Today’s real itinerary involves going to a shipwreck museum, and maybe the st Austell brewery

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Crazy prices! A two-hour train journey from near me to Paris is €18! The down side is the train station is a 45 minute drive away though.

Welcome to Hampshire

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Morning all!

I definitely need to start putting some courses together today. I have a meeting about one of those courses at the end of the day so might save that until tomorrow.

I’ve got no apples in the house so I might go for a stroll to the shop during the morning.