Bit of a skive at work today and then a long weekend. Nothing major planned.

Drinks and Mexican food in glasgow on Friday though. Mojo temporarily wonky so might have to stick to the safety lager.

What bout you?


Today I have to phone up Virgin to complain/threaten to leave over them putting my broadband price up AGAIN. Think I’m now paying upwards of £40 a month for non-fibre internet with no TV channels or anything, which is beyond absurd.

tl;dr nothing to report


Decided to just fork out for an emergency travel document to avoid the anxiety/uncertainty of not being allowed to disembark a boat.

Can I just say moving house, especially across international borders, and when you’ve got somewhere to be by the next day, and when you have a cat with you, is really stressful. I woke up in the middle pf the night digging my pinky nail into my palm.

Feel horrible and they might not even give me the document :confounded:


Got a pretty bad cold so I hardly slept and drank a lot of fiery ginger tea. It didn’t work

Does anyone else get ill whenever the weather changes? Happens to me so much that it feels like a disease on its own. Whatever I learned from my degree suggests that you can’t just catch a cold because it got hotter or colder, but rather because people change their habits and you’re more likely to catch a cold from being near people indoors/outdoors more often?? Idk :mask:


I slept like a baby in my hotel last night. And got a lie in! Brilliant.

Just had some pastries and a coffee and now checking out. Got a day of IT development and then a drive home. Only in work tomorrow for a few hours and the its a 34 week baby scan!

Salford Quays and mediacityuk is a cool development. Quite nice. The other side of the river is a bit shite though, innit?


When someones wheeling a suitcase along the pavement and you can hear every single fucking crevice that the wheel is rolling into. Can hear it getting closer behind me. Fuckofffffffff


there is already a morning thread, but I’ll let this slide like a proper gent


At Manchester Airport waiting for a flight to Berlin


Mate, Salford quays is horrible and other side, pamona, needs saving from being turned into more of the same :confused:


2 hour train journey was 5 hours late tother week. Still not had a bloody refund!!


Urgh, hate this so much.


Running the Bloomberg square mile later
Problem is I’ve woken up with the mother of all colds and major level period pains.

I have one of my contact lenses inside out so I can’t see properly right now.


@ericthefourth wrong thread m8


Fuck saaaaaaake.

I agreed to help out a former colleague with some exam stuff, because I’m basically the kindest and most selfless human being who’s ever existed, and they’ve gone and invited the office oddball along too.


I definitely feel a bit more SAD (in the Seasonal Affective way) around October and March when the clocks change.


Mornin team,
Tis a lovely morn up here.
Got some bourbon tasting dinner thing tonight which I’m not really in the mood for but I’m sure will be fine once I get there.


eh… okay, so i guess i actually meant that bit with the bbc? is that not the quays? i’m confused. the bit wi was talking about ‘on the other side’ is the old trafford bit between that cool bridge.


Got some decent nursery car park beeves going on Tuesday morning. Saw the fella again today, no words were spoken.

Thursday. Moderately busy. Need to remember to pick up some superglue later.


The first pitch for the film Duel needed development before it was accepted.


and yeah i know quitw abit about pomona from our own @scout and wasn’t meaning that.

i did like the big open spaces anda the quay side stuff. seemed fine. maybe i’m used to my ‘up north’ shite in cumbria, but it seemed like a nice space around the lowry and that. :confused: