Alright? Wasson today then? Got quite a full-on day at the beer factory, then the pharmacy, then the supermarket for some things I forgot to get yesterday. Pretty grey outside, lovely stuff.

Mighty fine

This is my Friday.


got big electric coming today, hoping they don’t turn off my power for too long


Not great funky. Still achy and just urgh. Can’t work out if half of it is from sitting about though.


Nothing! Think V wants to watch Space Jam and will go to online yoga later if I feel up to it.

GWSS :heart:



Been to gym. Work. Drag Race UK. Mike Leigh in conversation this evening. Woke up thinking it was Friday :cry:

Morning :wave:

Going for a Pizza Hut buffet at lunchtime, so I’m trying to get as much work done this morning as possible, as this afternoon will be a write-off.

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Delivering some training later (and 2 more sessions in the next week or so) and I really don’t want to. Got the fear.

Also my Friday, don’t work on the real Friday (so that’s my Saturday). Though do work on Saturday (which is possibly my Thursday).

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Working in that London today. Wearing a very suave outfit (black dress with pleather skirt, knee high boots, dark green coat with black velvet cuffs and collar, gold jewellery with hexagons on, black velvet hairband with gems on), I fancy me tbh. Just need some breakfast (probably a pastry) and a bit of Monster in my bloodstream now.

At lunch I’m going to get some oat milk chocolate from Selfridge for my mate who’s having a hard time, whether I see him this weekend or end up taking him some things when I’m in his neck of the woods next weekend. I have tried the chocolate and it’s really nice, if it were not £3 per bar I would be all over it.

Also meeting up with my funniest friend this evening, I haven’t seen her in a year. She literally never fails to make me laugh, always have a riot when we hang out. Really looking forward to it.


Got the day off as we went to a wedding evening do last night. No masks being worn which worries me.

Going to take Smudge to Chorlton Park’s fenced in dog but as we now have a long lead. Will probably get Tibetan kitchen for lunch.

Work. Run to football. Play football. Run home. Make dinner. Eat dinner. Shower. Taskmaster. Bed

Morning all!

Running pretty late for summer club, got a tour at 11 then a haircut but I also said I’d swap my working days this week so I can be off tomorrow so not sure how the hell I’m going to fit that in :grimacing: will catch up tonight mostly I guess.

Going to Local Desi Pub this evening.

Absolutely nothing planned with the rest of my day other than the mandatory dog walk.

get through today, then 10 days off. Obviously have come down with a cold this morning #ycmiu

If memory serves me correctly, I think this is a quiet day at work for me. Gonna go see the French Dispatch after work
I think.

Was going to go to the beach, daughter isn’t feeling well. So that’s that. 4 days off work, and all I’ve done is visit a playground or pop into work for nice food. What a fucking waste of a week.

Was supposed to get up early for a bit of practice but already in bed

Morning kids

I’m bloody knackered. My Fitbit says I did 30,000 steps yesterday, from walking around London the going to see Squarepusher. So today’s going to be a bit low impact.

I’m taking Jimbo off to the cinema this morning, maybe we’ll see the new Adams Family, but I’ll see what’s in when. Then later on today it’s the Self Esteem instore at Resident, which I’m really excited about


Strongly considering switching banks from HSBC to Starling