Alright? Been awake since 6 for some reason. Another day slinging beer followed by a trip to the post office for me but what about you?


Today is my Friday.

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Finish painting, fill in some forms then do some work. Maybe something amazing will happen though.

Today is my Friday.

Which is sort of bad, as I’ve been saying I’ll catch up on Friday all week.

But sort of good.

Today is my Monday :grimacing:

Bleurgh! My cold is now at the Lost Voice stage. Why can’t it just bugger off. I’m bored with it now.


Going for a bimble on my bike for an hour to chalk off my mileage target for January and drop it off at the shop for a service on the way back. Pick up something for lunch and a coffee from the nice bakery and have a stroll home through the parks.

And then tidying away all the tat and making the house look pretty for some more viewings this afternoon.

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Morning DiS.

Wee one teething so going to be relying on the coffee today. Big project to be working on that will hopefully be interesting, managed to talk to one of my lecturers yesterday about something that happened this week making me feel better so going into today a bit more positive.

Just want the day to end so I can play with wee one and listen to some records.

Today is my Thursday


Morning all,

Woke up with a bit of a headache (again) but think that’s cause I didn’t sleep too well.

WFH today, with a seminar for uni at 10am-12pm which i’m quite looking forward to. Need to go to the post office to return a parcel, so might treat myself to a greggs sandwich for lunch (seeing as i’m right by there and all that). Then more WFH this afternoon. Gonna have some (decaff) coffee and yogurt for breakfast. :slight_smile:


Bit hungover, did a bit of snogging which was nice. saw the fox again on the way home but they didn’t want to hang out this time.

Today I will start on the presentation, today

Eldest is coming round tonight, last time before she moves to London :frowning:(good for her but I’m going to miss her)


This sounds like the best Wednesday night :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Is this the person you mentioned last week as having had a nice connection with?

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This was a second date but different person. I went for a walk on the downs with the other person at the weekend, think we’re going to see each other again but she’s quite a busy non stop go go go type of person and I am not so we’ll see. Dunno. I’m having an unusually purple patch on the apps so I’m trying to make the most of it and meet enough people as I can - trying to use my head more and prioritise compatibility as well as chemistry and whatever


Morning :blush:

Feel much happier than yesterday, could this possibly coincide with having most of the day off today. Surely work does not cause misery!

Someone told me I was intimidating yesterday (because of my interests) which has cracked me up a bit. Oh look at the intimidating girl with her spiced tea and books about Victorian stink pipes.


I have a stinkpipe book too :smiley: but a virtual one in pokemon go where stops are based on real life areas (like postboxes, signs etc) and people can send you stuff, I’m saving all the stinkpipes and bins with faces in my postcard book I love them all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Amazing! I’m taking you out on an obsolete infrastructure date.


Yesterday on my course we were told to carry on with the worksheet we were doing as homework, so I did that and finished it. Then I start this morning and get told that for the first 2 hours we’re going to be doing the worksheet that I already finished. :upside_down_face: So I’ve been told basically to find some busywork for 2 hours.

Judgement Day for our little one bed basement flat today with a surveyor coming round at 10am. Will it be deemed passable, allowing us to finally move house, or will they find loads of issues leading us to be stuck here with an ever-expanding infant forever?

One thing’s for sure, I’m absolutely not getting any work done till they leave.

Laughing at my own joke after a Google Teams call takes up approx two minutes of every working day


Slept very badly last night as I was haunted by a mistake I made at work some 14 months ago and which I discovered yesterday and need to come clean about. Spent the 5am hour awake and worrying. Brewing coffee and hoping for the best today!