I tried bantering with the builders this morning. It didn’t go well.


Morning. I’m going on holiday and I’ve got excited butterflies :blush:

On the first of many trains to the airport. Just went past Jodrell Bank and saw some red kites. The fields look lush, its sunny, and I’m next to a plug socket. I’m having a Nice Time - fully understand if anyone mutes me.


Can we get more detail on the bantering please @Epimer ?

Did you start it? Did they? Or did you try to join an existing conversation?


We were discussing the fact that the door they fitted only had a handle on one side and as such they were technically stuck in the extension.

They said “there’s no knob on this side!”

As I’m only human, I obviously opened the door with a flourish and said “I dunno, looks like there’s a couple of knobs on that side to me!!!”

Polite smiles that didn’t reach their eyes.



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Don’t think punters calling tradies knobs is allowed at all. You’re extensions gonna fall down


No regrets

(some regrets)

Off tomorrow, today is my Friday! Hooray!


I fucking despise Carol McGiffin with every fibre of my being


Was literally about to go off to a park for a playdate for my daughter with her best friend from nursery. Turns out this friend is in play club at nursery so can’t make it until this afternoon.

Got a mate coming up for drinks and pizza later. Sitting in a pub garden. Ahhhh. Might try and squeeze a walk in beforehand.

What a life

Fucking hell is she still alive? In my daytime TV viewing days she was always by far the worst. Her and Jane MacDonald.

It’s my Friday! I just had some breakfast in the garden, there’s a cat on my lap, and no one is emailing me! What a day!



On the way home after a couple of days in Edinburgh.

Got a coffee and a flapjack for the descent down to Carlisle.

Looking forward to seeing my little dog in a few hours.


Lol was literally going to start a ‘things that make you cringe’ thread later today.



Work, got some actual deliverable work to do in my new job, good cos I was starting to wonder if they really needed me but bad cos , we’ll it’s work

Got some new varifocal glasses yesterday, they fit and look ok, not quite the all in one optical solution I was hoping for so I’ve ordered some (very cheap) dedicated reading and “computer” glasses to see how I get on with those for working on the outer and book reading

Hopefully my son will make it round tonight, his mums been away all week and in theory this was going to result in me seeing him a bit more, but in practice he’s been too busy being 18 with his mates.

Wish my coffee filters would arrive so I can make coffee

Thread is back on!

Finished Watch Out For The Big Girrrls this morning and sobbed my little heart out.

Have been dancing round the house all week, busting moves from bathroom to kitchen, baby :dancer::woman_cartwheeling:t2::dancer::woman_cartwheeling:t2::dancer::woman_cartwheeling:t2::fire::dancer::woman_cartwheeling:t2::dancer::woman_cartwheeling:t2::dancer::woman_cartwheeling:t2::fire:


I really love the music of Ariana Grande, guys.

(- evergreen Pervo sentiment, 2018-?)

Today I need to write and edit some blogs, work through my annoyance at my BFF to make her a 30th birthday present and make a playlist for a friend. She’s on holiday with another friend and their other friend who is quite annoying (and is causing some real issues in the wider friendship group by patronising two of the girls who she perceives as less intelligent than her - which is hilarious because she’s pretty basic really) and the other friend is driving her mad, she’s not sleeping and doesn’t feel well anyway so is flying home two days early and feels shit, so I’m doing my annual playlist for her slightly early to distract her

I watched this the other week too, inhaled it. Loved it, made me wish I could take a dance class but I’m so bad at anything that involves coordination :laughing:

Follow some of the women on Instagram and it’s lovely to see how they’re all getting on :blush:

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