I do this only if the person leaving is good friends with the foisted-upon underling so because I assume they’ll do a nicer leaving/more tailored leaving do/gift idea than me.

Could get used to this view


is this where you live now? it’s beautiful!

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Really want a crap takeaway pizza or a McDonald’s but there is literally no way my parents will agree to this. Feel like I’m 14 again

Did @kermitwormit do the hospital thread?


Yeah, we moved today :relaxed: Soooo exhausted but that view makes it all worth it!


I strongly suspect that this is the sort of task that doesn’t always get delegated, but only gets delegated if it can be delegated to a woman.


Speaking as the kind of person who has to be careful not to get this type of thankless task delegated to them, I hope you’re checking that the people you delegate it to actually enjoy doing it. I’ve had all manner of bullshit tasks delegated to me on the basis of lazy stereotyping or assuming that I’m just naturally good at something I am constantly making a superhuman effort at. “Oh you’re just so good at it” well if you made the same effort I have to you’d be good too, do it yourself


Oh absolutely. I would only ask if they’ve said they like organising that sort of thing. People usually volunteer anyway I find once they know someone is leaving.

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My flatmate has started working from home. They wear a headset for…sales-y stuff. You’ve never heard a louder human-being. Properly shouts down the phone. Can’t watch a film, read a book, have a nap, anything.

We should be able to ‘superlike’ posts.

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Off for stay about 5 miles away from where I live for a few days and my wife has organised to have guests round to cook and host for about 15 minutes after arriving there. Awful!!

I love ginger flavoured stuff but would not be happy if I thought I had a choc toffee muffin and it was in fact a fruitcake.


any of you guys ever made a playlist?

Feel like this as well, partner made me do a covid test which was negative and won’t accept my diagnosis that it’s “just life”.

Also could be B12 deficiency??

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Yeah, definitely not right. Both my wife and I feel the same, except she had a positive PCR and def had covid. The timing between covid and feeling forever shitty is just a bit too much of a coincidence….
Could be that the non covid virus I had has just wiped me out. Or it’s just having small kids :expressionless::weary:

Probably was Covid if the rest of the family had it tbf

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Just a few. Even for DiSers

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Hello mates.
Think I’m having a slight moment and need to sit in a quiet room with ambient music playing.
Looked up how many euros I would get if I sold my flat right now and went straight to the bureau de change. Quite a lot, as it stands. Had wild visions of calling my Nanna up and saying “you’ve stolen six years of my life! No more, old woman!” And then getting on a plane to Barcelona and starting a new life. Tempting as it is, neither me or the cat have a passport :frowning: