Just typed out a load of questions then thought hmm should probably take this to WhatsApp rather than filling up the daily thread with my Big Girrrls fangirling :laughing:

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Few days off. Played tennis with the kid and now have the house to myself for 5 hours! and a list of jobs I have been left to do :weary:

It’s my Friday, which is nice. A few things potentially changing with my work, not in a bad way at all - but the fact that there is change will cause me completely unecessary anxiety for a few days. Ho hum.

Got some weird virus at the EXACT time my wife and kid got covid again but had about a 6 negative LFTs but weeks and weeks later I am like the worlds most tired man. Lead legs. Could have 12 hours sleep and still feel knackered.

  • It was covid
  • It could just be some other post viral thing
  • You are just an old man
  • Motherfucker do I LOOK like a Dr?!

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Had a great time at the Jeff Rosenstock gig last night but drinking 4 pints midweek was a bad idea…bleugh! Wondering if a lunchtime run will help or finish me off

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It makes sense to me totally - quite a lot of people in the dark days of the boards used to refer to peoples hobbies, clothes, lives as ‘cringe’ and it was absolutely used as a not even that subtle way of trying to bring people down.


This is very funny

It’s funny because knob means penis, imo

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Maybe I should go explain that to the lads


What did you get up to?

Getting stressed out by the group of 7 who got on at Preston and, as we pull into Warrington, are still mithering about which seats to sit in because they aren’t the ones they reserved. SIT THE FUCK DOWN!

Went on a walking tour - including graveyards and the vaults and all that on Tuesday.
Went to the castle yesterday morning, then went on one of the bus tours and had another good wander about. Intended to go to the museum in the afternoon but ended up sitting in the sun in Princes St gardens for most of the afternoon instead :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Nice place though, will have to go again in the summer or whatever and do some other bits.

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  • It is a managers responsibility to arrange card and gifts for their direct reports
  • If a manager emails you clearly trying to foist the task onto you, a mere underling (but not even on their team) you should suck it up and offer to do it

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This mug (me) has already booked the activity and the restaurant for the leaving do.

I’m extra fuming because the leaving do is on Monday so they’ve left it to the last minute and now are making it my problem. Also feel really bad for my colleague. This is so shitty! He deserves way better.

And invite some Scottish DiSers for a cup of booze :wink:

Or a non alcoholic drink, that’s okay too. Haha.

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DiS, what have you done to me that I go on holiday and end up taking photos like this!


Greetings from the park!


Having a really rage inducing day at work but I made delicious lunches for this week :blush:



I do this. Partly through laziness/lack of time but mainly because I know that there are other people in my team who are much better than me at organising these things. I’d give the person I asked to do it a lot more notice, mind

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I do this only if the person leaving is good friends with the foisted-upon underling so because I assume they’ll do a nicer leaving/more tailored leaving do/gift idea than me.