Thursday 🌧

Good morning! How’s it going? In 2 good 2 bad format (only if you want to)
:heavy_check_mark: slept really well
:heavy_check_mark: looking forward to avocados for breakfast
:x: have to attend a meeting im dreading today
:x: wanted to cycle at kew as they rarely let bikes in but the weather sucks

:white_check_mark: chai soon
:white_check_mark: met such an interesting old man yesterday at the chinatown board who is going to be my new best friend
:x: two tours today with an annoying 2.5 hour gap in between, not long enough to go home, too long to just be waiting around
:x: want to have a cuddle but my cuddlee is quite quite far away :smiling_face_with_tear:

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This house is like every house in every black and white american film. Why is it so cheap? Someone please buy this for me and i can move there and wear a gown of some sort and get haunted/murdered/wail dramatically at the top of the stairs


:white_check_mark: Metronomy last night, Avalanches tonight. Gigs are back!
:white_check_mark: my Fitbit claims I had “excellent” sleep. I’m not feeling it yet, but I haven’t woken up properly, so
:negative_squared_cross_mark: rain forecast for later. Boo!
:negative_squared_cross_mark: I’ve got serious Glastonbury envy. I thought I’d got over that, but it’s back with a vengeance this year


Looks great! There’s a ghost in photo 5 but at that price you could take a ghost


It’s a cheeky one that helps me with chores and through a series of ghost related japes helps repress the ennui of being a housewife married to a shower curtain salesman


…starts on Netflix this autumn.


Imagine if Mick Lynch became the Labour party leader.



:white_check_mark: lovely sunny morning
:white_check_mark: going for a longish bike ride in a bit
:x: rain and etc forecast for later this afternoon
:x: had my vitamins before I had anything to eat and now feel a bit sick

:+1:t3: :+1:t3: About to take a 2 hour boat trip to an island in the archipelago, stay the night in a log cabin and celebrate midsommar in the primitive wilds

:-1:t3: It’s grey & cold, not the sunny/25C they promised us

:-1:t3: There will be killer mosquitoes

Still, life’s an adventure eh?


Just had this promoted tweet pop up and I can’t help thinking that @inthedusk is behind it somehow


Oooo! Got a nice bit of sea coal in my bag this week

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Not up for today and it’s my day in the office. Really want an ice cream.

Encore en fois is my walking to work song atm. Gets me right where I need to be mentally to walk through that gate

My upstairs neighbour has been playing loud house music since half 7. She has to be doing drugs, there’s no other reason why someone would be doing such a thing on a Thursday morning

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Newcastle at about 11pm last night.

I am in the correct day now though, although I’m suited and booted and on the bus to work. Off to a power breakfast. Feel a bit like President Business from the Lego Movie.


:white_check_mark: on holiday, having a nice time, no plans other than to mooch about in the nice weather and eat good food.

:x: Someone just sent me a picture of myself 5 years ago (in a nice, look at this memory way) and it’s made me feel really shit about myself and how much I’ve let myself go over the last few years.

:white_check_mark: another sunny day, another lunch in the park
:white_check_mark: going to commit to all the gigs I’m into over the summer, very fun to have that much planned ahead
:no_entry: No short terms plans, being crap at contacting people lately
:no_entry: Probs quite a lot of work to make up for my half sick day yesterday

The rain’s started already. It wasn’t due until lunchtime

  • It’s going to rain all day
  • It was only meant to be a passing shower, so it’ll be dry again by lunchtime

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Pure joie de vivre?