good morning. welcome to Thursday.

got much on today?

I have a one hour dental cleaning appointment this morning. that’s right…a ONE HOUR appointment. gonna be the most boring hour of the day, for sure. will be taking earphones, obviously.

cold this morning, isn’t it

have a great day all


Good morning! Speaking of dental work I have a massive wisdom tooth that needs taking out but I’m too scared. I got it filed twice to the point where they said any more filing will expose nerves. It’s honestly so big that when I grit my teeth and try to move my jaw in its direction, it won’t work

How much does a wisdom tooth extraction hurt/cause trouble with its healing time? 1 is nothing, the whole process was completely fine, 5 is awful 100% regret it wish I kept my tooth

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I’ve had a wisdom tooth out…and I have to say, it didn’t hurt one bit. took quite a bit of work to get the cunt out and my jaw ached for about 24 hrs after, but no real issue.

another option can be they just kill the nerve, fill that bitch and be done with it.

one downside of having a wisdom tooth out is that it can SOMETIMES change the shape of your face.

something to consider



Off work today and tomorrow :tada: My manager called me aside before I left yesterday to tell me I was being promoted :fireworks:
Seeing my grandparents today, then off for a few days in the Brecon Beacons with the in-laws. Lots of board games and alcohol :slight_smile:
It’s all coming up AphexTwinkletoes


Sun is out, Indy Man Beer Con tonight, off tomorrow.

Life is good.


nice one, brother!


Really anxious today. Felt stressed out on behalf of the people in the massive traffic queues going in the opposite direction to me, which was a weird one.

I’m supposed to be going to a schmoozing thing in London this afternoon but I’m too busy and can’t be arsed with it today anyway, so I’m glad for the excuse to get out of it, tbh.

I need to finish a work thing that’s taken me way more time and effort than I expected because the guy who I’m up against is an actual idiot, so rather than any kind of nuanced argument I’m having to point out all the myriad of ways the guy’s being a total fuckwit. Then there’s no structure to my argument because I’m following this fuckwit’s train of thought. Might rewrite it. Don’t have time.

Totally forgot I’m off to The Hague on Monday for a really important case, so I need to prep for that and do the work that I was going to do while I’m over there. Aargh.

ALSO I’m playing in a nerdy card game tournament on Saturday that’s got (at least) $500 as a prize, so that’s, what, a three bedroom house at the current exchange rate? It’s not a game I play much so I was hoping to spend this week reading strategy articles and stuff but that just hasn’t happened.

tl;dr I’m an extremely important business person in the world of business


alright bird?

work until 4.30pm

today is my friday (“birthday” leave tomorrow)

meeting a pal after work

put new pedals and on me bike last night – think there’s a twist in the rear inner as it was VERY bumpy on the way to work today but i just couldn’t be fucked to sort it out


Flying to San Fran later
Can’t bloody wait

Bye guys


have a wonderful time meow

post lots of pics on instagram plz


anxiety is so fucking shit isn’t it

i’m doing a bmx “taster” session tomorrow evening as part of birthday shenanigans (was a surprise) and i’m feeling well anxious about that :weary:


drinking coffee
watching a comedians in cars getting coffee and it’s really making me want one of these:

for me they numbed me up and yanked it out. it’s not exactly pleasant but over pretty quickly and relatively painless. was just a bit sore for a couple days but not much.


Terrible night’s sleep, probably got about an hour in total. Got up at 4 am. Feel like death, but have dragged myself into work. Kill me.


Bon voyage :):slight_smile:


you mean you don’t have one?!


You don’t eat BMXs, niki.

(Sounds fun!)


Been off ill for the last 2 days. Back in today but still feel a bit shit. Might sack it off at lunch


mornin troops,
getting quite use to this up early doors, walk the dog and proper breakfast stuff. helps that i haven’t been drinbking at night.
got a new pair of jeans on, they feel good.


Have to QA a report for the third time today, feel like they don’t trust my QA skills, also they said to do it from scratch rather than just use the documents that have all my previous QA calculations, so basically have to recreate most of the analysis of a report that took months in one morning. Going to see some Canadian post rock folky thing locally tonight, don’t really want to but try and force myself out as much as possible


Nice morning, cool and bright. Yesterday the department IT man printed out an email and stuck it to my door. Bit weird for an IT guy, no? Surely just email the fucker. Still feeling slightly perplexed by this.