Had leftover apple crumble and ice cream for breakfast

work Christmas party later

How’s it hanging pals


Ahm up but am not happy about it.

Finally having a very minor operation tomorrow after 2 years waiting…and we are both coming down with colds :grimacing: I feel kind of ok but might have to call them and see if it can go ahead.

Long, loose, and full of bin juice.

I am not sure how that question is supposed to be answered to be quite honest.

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Lying in bed aren’t I. Should probably get up for a walk

Same. Really cba.

Also my work Christmas party later. Not going. Looking forward to the de facto day off tomorrow when everyone else is hungover

Had an incredibly broken nights sleep. Annoyed about that assault and have woken up in a bad mood. Working 3-11 today as well. Great day thanks


Lovely morning. Wish we could have 6 months of this every day and then straight into 6 months of nice summer weather.

Going for a bike ride shortly. Hoping it’s not too treacherous but we’ll soon find out.

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Piss up in the brewery?


Pretty hungover :smiling_face_with_tear: Lying in bed but just realised I’ve got to somehow make a xmas jumper for m in the next 35 minutes. Oh god.

Being interviewed about Strangeways this morning for one of the papers. Looking forward to what i say being incorrectly quoted.


Just going to go kneel in front of the toilet for a piss


The MEN is so embarrassing


Morning all :wave:

Frosty morning here. Bunnies survived with a giant tarpaulin over their enclosure, so that’s a relief.

Gonna do the school run, get some bits for my DiS secret Santee and then maybe work from sofa as it’s cosier than in my study.

My comment about unexpected direction of wee has taken an unexpected direction of its own! Poor Theo.

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Unfortunately not. Wouldn’t mind that cause I wouldn’t have to move after work.

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Ice on the inside of my windscreen today so that’s good

Oh no. Just remembered agreeing to become a local councillor last night


Just the 6 degrees below freezing then…