Morning all!

I’m genuinely a bit uncertain what day it really is so apologies if I am incorrect.

Wor Lass is back at work so I’m taking The Child out and about. Might go to the park if the weather is OK; might go to B&Q if not.

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Morning troops

Busy day on a calculation and a management doc, and then my kids mum is out at the movies so pizza and either a movie or playing zleda while the kids watch.

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Getting a new telly delivered today, between 7am and 7pm




At work. Just popped out for some £7 porridge. Finish about 1230 hopefully and then it’s long weekend time baybee.

Off to Edgbaston for the cricket this evening. Looking forward to seeing some mates I’ve not seen for a while and having a few beers.


Today I’m participating in some kind of charity dragon boat race. We have no hope as the group of people due to be in the boat haven’t even been in the same room together where other teams are out training at the Olympic water park.

Free day off tho :woman_shrugging:


Saw some dragonboats on Sunday looked pretty fun

It does look good tbh but also looks very hard?


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The ones I saw had one person sat at the front banging a drum so you could maybe do that bit

Run then cricket.

Have made so much pasta over this week. So it will be pasta for lunch


I’ve got pretty good rhythm so I may volunteer for that. I did kayak in the sea last week tho.

Being a total hypocrite and taking M to the Yayoi Kusama show later - but i’ve already told her she’s not a great role model so looking forward to her telling strangers about how racist she is.

Got to go and do some painting in a shipping container at some point.

Bought SIX torches last week, no i do not think I’d like a new torch


Looks almost justifiable £7 tbf

They are nice though tbf. Had blackberry and lemon compote stirred into it as well. They do a plainish one, with honey, sultanas and raisins in for a mere £4.60.

Thought I’d be good(ish), as I was considering a bacon and black pudding sandwich (that probably would’ve been half the price).

Morning DiS

Had a rare decent sleep so feel moderately refreshed today.

Rhythm Time at 11.30am, then off to my pals who ive not seen for ages and then need go supermarket with a pharmacy to get pop, milk, prescription.

Currently having coffee and rewatching Superstore (completed the Frasier rewatch).


Good station


Edit - i should read emails properly. We DO have Rhythm Time.

:star_struck: that’s incredibly fit


Someone bought a book for 25k on the site at 3am

This morning they’ve asked to cancel it due to ‘morning hangover regret’ which is at least very honest