It’s Thursday, right?

How are you? I’m tired, went to see Three Trapped Tigers last night. Proper amazing. The head of finance from my work was there too, which was quite funny as I can’t really imagine him liking that stuff.

How r u?


Bad cold, sore throat, banging headache. Eugh. Been awake since 5 as I couldn’t sleep. Haven’t had more than 5 hours sleep any night this week. Gonna work from home and eat lots of chocolate.


Cold and tired, had a headache every day this week which is weird as I rarely get them. Start work at 8 and I’m still 10 minutes away, five of which will be spent running like a lunatic


I’m getting a train to work today as I’m going to Croydon tonight to the cinema and I’d imagine the traffic will be bad.

Worked till 9 last night and I’m shattered.
Also found out that one of my cousins best mates son died yesterday in the tram crash.

I vaguely know his dad from when my cousin used to run a mini bus to Crystal Palace away games years ago.


Going in late to work. Fuck it


Massively, massively can’t be arsed.


I’ve always known that my job simply doesn’t matter - as in, were I to stop doing it immediately, nobody would notice - but I’ve never felt less necessary.

I think I preferred yesterday’s despair to today’s despondency. At least that was something. Something is better than nothing.


Said “thanks, lads” to my windscreen wipers when they came on. Out loud. I think I need to book a few days off.


Epimers windscreen wipers, great bunch o’ lads.


A wee bit hungover. Just had a bag of these for breakfast.


Is this a cry for help? Because it looks like a cry for help.




I am out of the office until Monday, 14th November 2016. For any urgent enquiries, please contact Balonz Balonz at @Balonz.


My legs are aching somewhat today after my meagre exercise on tuesday night, i’m fucking well out of shape.


At 10am we’re being called into a meeting to find out what’s happening to our team. GULP.

In other news I put a lil camera on my handlebars this morning and recorded my commute.


aw, that sort of thing is always horrible :frowning: good luck, p-nik!


Going to miss my train, arent i? Guess ill sit in a cafe and read my book. La.


The best of luck matey! Hope all goes well for ye.


gl pnikkers

somebody has the heating fucking cranked in here.


Me too. I’m thinking about hibernating.