HAPPY DECEMBER :snowflake: :tada: :christmas_tree:
Anything you’re looking forward to this month? I don’t have to work from the 20th til the 2nd I can’t wait :sob:



I have a presentation today - can’t wait to get it out the way!


Morning all. Up early and listening to the radio. Going to do a load of housework today because I have no actual work to do at all.

I do have to organise my gig poster archive at some point though. A few hundred posters from the last few years.


looks like a Gerhard Richter painting


WFH again. I am looking forward to a day climbing in the peak district on Sunday assuming the rain holds off. That, and Christmas.


Cool comparison. I love Richter’s work and didn’t cop that!


Brrrr feel that cold winter II breeze


Busy month. Should be completing our flat purchase today, so for the next two weeks we’ll be living between our current flat (internet, warmth, train station next door) and our new flat (has a corner sofa, next to our favourite pub).

Heading back to Switzerland for a month-long work contract after that, with a three-day trip back to the UK for Christmas in which I have to see my family and the in-laws for enough time so that neither side gets jealous.

Got a friend’s wedding this weekend and we’re meant to be giving other people a lift down but we’re waiting to see whether we can hire a car after spectacularly smashing up a rental car last weekend.


Really glad I took today off. Still in bed. It’s toasty.

Going to have scones for breakfast in a minute then see if I can get some Netrunner games in as tournament prep for this weekend.

Pub tonight.


today is my friday and i have a 4 day weekend, woohoo!!
Got some awards thing tonight where i need to present an award, hate stuff like that, but fuck it, i’ll be full of wine.
New sofa gets delivered today as well.


In work today then straight to the airport to fly to Hong Kong.

For once there’s not a mad rush or a deadline before I’ve got a holiday, so I’m going to do filing and admin instead.



gonna watch both episodes of frasier


what’s happenin in hong kong?


Today’s my Friday, but cleaning out the flat tomorrow so not really that exciting. Playing football and having band practice this weekend - not sure what else it will bring yet!


Wfh and it’s my Friday. Girlfriends been away all week so I’ll clean the flat at some point. Biffday tomorrow


Visiting my girlfriend’s family, with her parents.


nice, i’d love to go to hong kong.
have fun :slight_smile:


Good luck!


Putting the tree up and all that stuff tonight. Will listen to Gling Glo, dance with my wife and drink some mulled wine.