Thursday 💤


2 good 2 bad?
+going to Christmas at Kew and the botanical centre in tulse hill on my days off next week, this is nothing amazing but I’m really excited :leaves:

  • got most of next week and the week after that off
    -broke the lens for my slr which is insanely expensive to replace (i want the sigma 30mm f1.4 which is like £300)
    -I’m so tired all the time :dizzy_face:


At work already. Take 1 day off and it all goes to hell arghhh.


Morning Jazzballet!!

Sorry to hear about your SLR lens :slight_frown: my mac charger broke last night :angry: Apple are total bastards, this is the second one it’s happened to, another 80 golden squids down the drain. Baahhh!!


Chistmas nativity this morning :star2:


GOOD: it’s nearly the freaking weekend
GOOD: doing a Star War on Saturday

BAD: I’ve got a hearing on Tuesday that I’m in no way, shape or form prepared for and stuff keeps coming in that I need to deal with NOW
BAD: two people this morning have said they thought I was supposed to be in Munich today, which has made be paranoid I’m not at a hearing I should be at


Just saw this has been added to Netflix



I guess @PocketMouse should be aware of this if she’s not already?


My old work have invited me to a drinks reception to celebrate the anniversary of that office opening.

Which is the most professional response?

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  • hahahahahahahaha

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Morning jazzballet

Ditto tired. Used to working from home and now I’m getting up at 6.30 for a few weeks while working on site in Switzerland. Dark in the mornings innit.

Good 1: not much work for me to do here atm so I’m catching up on all the other shit I need to do while getting paid.
Good 2: finally started Christmas shopping.
Bad 1: my plan to buy everyone Swiss knives has been scuppered as I’ve realised I’m only taking hand luggage back for Christmas.
Bad 2: marking mock exams and some of them are so bad I want to cry for myself and the students responsible. How do you get to MA level without learning how to use commas (they’re language students ffssss)


morning all

Good: Finish moving out of my old flat today. It’s been a long, tiring drawn-out process. Can finally focus on the new place.
Good: Tempted to suggest some sort of celebratory slap-up meal tonight.
Bad: Still need to do some cleaning and relays between the old flat and new before the celebrations can begin.
Bad: Because of the move, I’ve done sack all Christmas shopping :tired_face:


:+1: Christmas lunch today and no need to come back to the office
:+1: The 3 week cold I’ve had seems to be finally (slowly) disappearing

:-1: I’ve got to collect the child from nursery this afternoon so can’t drink away the afternoon post Christmas do
:-1: Lots of work to do


+free lunch today at Pizza Express :pizza:
+Adam and Joe later!!!

-tooth is still giving me grief and the gums around the infection are massively swollen
-it’s not Friday


- hungry
+ got some porridge
- still not finished xmas shopping
+ small bike ride tonight


+ No plans this weekend.
+ Surprised by a genuinely decent secret santa gift yesterday.

- Hungover as fuck from work christmas drinks.
- Skint.

  • Adam and Joe tonight!
  • It’s nearly the weekend
  • I have done none of my christmas shopping
  • So tired




Morning all!

GOOD I’m only in the office til 11.15 this morning and then WFH the rest of the day
GOOD Slightly scary “Transformation Briefing” wasn’t as scary as thought. No major impact to me or my team.

There’s nothing that bad that I can think of so:
SLIGHTLY BAD partially regretting not taking more time off over Christmas
SLIGHTLY BAD I probably need a new phone (but that’s not a bad thing per se)


My phone cycles through random images it pulls down off the internet, one of which today is a chess board. I am not a big chess player but whilst standing in the Q at work for coffee I (as you do) unlocked my phone to have a quick look at my notifications and the image was showing. A guy who I genuinely thought was a mute was stood behind me and said ‘I have got a board if your game’…‘I beg your pardon?’…‘I have got a chess board at work if you want a game’…‘Ah…em…nice one’…So got my coffee and went off giving him the big thumbs up thinking nothing of it, just sat down and have this email with the Subject : CHESS!!! and saying “See you at 1? my desk or yours?”…I tend to need to go for a sleep at work at lunch in one of the hammocks so not really sure how to let this guy down, and don’t want to go Just this Once as that would just encourage him to ask every lunch or more.


…I have accepted his chess challenge as thinking about it if I thought he was a mute then others might as well and perhaps he needs a work buddy. Will just create a fake meeting this afternoon and have a sleep then in this cupboard I found that had a load of 1960s hazmat suits in it that are surprisingly comfy when you pile them up