Hiya DiS!! It’s Thursday! You’ve nearly made it!! Ive decided I’m not doing much today. I’m looking up how to not kill all my plants and getting ready for Killin tomorrow :hocho:

How are you??




:open_mouth: you okay there pniks???

EDIT: OH!! Haha, delete me!!

salutations & praise be to thor

I didn’t want any porridge this morning so decided to see what tesco could offer me instead. somehow i’ve ended up with a coronation chicken sandwich. hmm.

it’s all about momentum, if we keep this ball rolling everyone will jump on this one

Haha, aaaaaaaaahhhhhh I always feared this would happen one day!!!

Make your mind up m9!


Haha well y’know I got to get my fix somewhere and I want pretty plants soooo something/someone will need to take the hit.

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Chilling. You know this will stand up in a court of law right?

they have a really weird pop up co-op in killin

Beautiful morning on the ride in today. Fog rolling off the fields, couple of dead badgers etc etc.

Needed to dig out the gloves and base layer (top only) for the first time this pre-winter though.

I’ve deleted mine.

Here’s what I wrote:


I’m at work. This evening I depserately need to go to a supermarket and I also need to buy some scotia for laminate. Party :tada:


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Morning all. Meeting a client in Old Street today around 1pm so might pop by the barbers and see if Ant’s trying to throw us off with his haircut regime.

Vendors have pushed completion date back to 8th September so got a bit of breathing space.

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I read chilling like you were just chillin’ it’s your default demeanour no? You seem like the type.

i had to look up what scotia is

I’ve been told I’m too laid back many times before now. smh.

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Ooooo, well I come from a place that had a garden shed as a post office so I am well up for this.

good morning everybody!

here’s my to-do list for today:

. put on a load of washing
. do bass and keys for a track
. hoover
. go for a 40 minute walk
. push-ups

seems achievable!

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Dunno what i wrote now, some bollocks