Thursday's evening thread has far to go

I’m listening to this:

Gonna eat this salty bad boi:

Then watching un film de Bresson:

What you saying?


At work until 9. I’ll be doing nothing fun this evening

About to make myself some rice. I love rice so much.

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Ooft hope it flies by. Bought some blueberry hot crozzers from your shop today man, look well nice.

Off tomorrow so #THREEDAYWEEKEND

Had the salted caramel ones recently. Totally boss.

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Very glad to hear these are still a thing :+1:

What kinda rice you cooking chief?

It is not even noon here and I’m 'bout ready to set my computer on fire and fling it out a window.

At Cancer Research UK for the evening. there is much booze and Pizza here. They’re massively oversized - if I were to guess they’re 18 or 20"


That’s the spirit!

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Infernal device!

Evening jezza,

That looks like a top evening, never seen a Bresson, am I missing out?

Had deep fried veggie haggis for the first time last night, wasn’t that great, got half left and will probably still eat it.

On a train back from Edinburgh, listening to Kathryn Joseph. Need to try find my ticket for tomorrow’s gig. Can’t drink (much) as have to study all weekend.

What’s up you big woebag?

You know when your darling partner puts a reasonable amount of effort into making a dinner that you’re 100% not in the mood for? That.

Also, @cutthelights, you cutting about tomorrow eve?

Just back to Edinburgh. Gotta bury the hamster, and then we’re gonna catch Green Book - not super fussed by the gf has seen every best pic nom except this, and it’ll probably be both our last chance to see it for freebies.

On a whim decided to take tomorrow off. Have done a shed load of travelling this week and am pretty exhausted. We’re in Glasgow tomorrow night to see Kathryn Joseph so might go over early and make a day of it.

Having tofu stir fry. Bet it’s shit. Done too much courgetti.

Yeah! He’s so underrated, nobody ever seems to do a retrospective of his films and a lot of them are really difficult to get hold of. You haven’t asked for one but I’d recommend A Man Escaped to get you started. Au Hasard Balthazar is widely considered his best - loose adaptation of The Idiot told from the perspective of a donkey :grinning: Sounds stupid, is beautiful.

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Who isn’t mate, who isn’t.


There’s a tremendous amount of bad mixed in with the good here. Winced at the saturday morning start I won’t lie, but surely old ma xylo’s swan song will be lovely and dance show will be fantastic once it’s finished and has gone very successfully?